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FCW Watch (October 9th, 2011): Naomi (w/ Cameron Lynn) vs. Leah West

Welcome to another one of our thrilling FCW Watches, featuring the ladies of the developmental system in all their sometimes creepy, sometimes amusing glory. The reason I say this is because tonight we have two things to discuss. The first being the arena debut of Raquel Diaz‘s new stable, The Ascension…with the second being a match featuring the sexy fruit roll up, Naomi Night, accompanied by Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) and Byron Saxton, facing off against the debuting Leah West (Irena Janjic). And if that wasn’t enough, on commentary is none other than one of our NXT residents, AJ! Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Up first, we have the grand debut of the Ascension! A Stable involving Raquel Diaz, Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron, and Tito Colon.

As we open to the next segment, our Pikachu clad AJ is seen on commentary with William Regal and Matt Martlaro. She states that she’s out here to scout the divas competition, as the debuting Leah West makes her entrance into the arena. AJ tells the world that Leah is the first Australian diva and has trained at Lance Storm’s school in Canada. Impressive! Just then, the music of Byron Saxton hits, as he enters with his arm still in sling. Once Byron makes his way out to the stage, he raises his hand into the air and some funked up disco music hits, as the best thing to hit my eyes since life itself, Naomi and Cameron Lynn booty pop their way out to the stage.

As they are announced, they start getting down! No words can explain the level of approval I have at this entire group right now. Cameron makes sure her new blonde hair is secure, as Byron leads our new female dance group to the ring…not before they engage in a team booty pop though. They finally enter the ring, as the two execute a Charlie’s Angels like pose down. From there, they walk over to the ropes and throttle one of their legs over the top as they do a dance down blanacing act (Yeah I didn’t know what to say here…too in awe of this brilliance). Some rump shaking follows suit, as Naomi removes her wig and hands it off to Cameron. She makes sure Naomi looks presentable, as both she and Byron finally exit the ring and we get started.


The two lock up, as Naomi takes control with a side headlock. Leah reverses it into an elbow lock, proceeding into a headlock of her own. Naomi fights out and sends Leah into the ropes, only she comes back with a shoulder tackle as AJ compares Naomi to a sexy fruit roll up that both she and I dig right now. Leah goes to run off the ropes, but Naomi grabs her by the leg and boots her in the side of the head. She sends Leah flying into the second rope, before adding a kick to the stomach for good measure.

Naomi begins to ruthlessly beat down on Leah with various kicks and shots to the back. A European uppercut sends West into the second rope, as Naomi chokes her with her boot. A 2 Count for Naomi, as she then locks in a sleeper hold. As we learn that Naomi’s greatest strength is her backside, Naomi sends Leah into the ropes. West comes back with a kick to the shoulder, but Naomi impales her with a brutal clothesline out of nowhere for a near fall. Our former champion kicks West in the stomach and runs off the ropes. She attempts to go for a running facebuster (ala Melina) but Leah simply tosses her down and stops any form of maneuver!

On the outside, Cameron Lynn can be heard freaking out, as Leah takes control with a few chop blocks to the face, followed by a nice kick to the head for a close call. Leah picks Naomi up and drops her with a reverse style DDT, but does not secure the three count needed. As she goes to pick Naomi back up, Night nails her with a jawbreaker. Leah is thrown into the corner, and as Naomi comes charging forth, West lifts her over the top rope and she lands on the ring apron. Night slams her head into the turnbuckle pad, and begins scaling the top rope. From there, she leaps off with a beautiful overhead neckbreaker for the victory! Post win, of course Cameron is extatic, as the places Naomi’s wig back on her head, and the two begin a dance in the middle of the ring, which also features some sick splits by Lynn!

Thoughts: Best thing I’ve ever seen. It may not be a popular opinion once this is posted, but if you can entertain me that much, I’m won over. Naomi, Cameron, and Byron have gotta be called up with this so that the world can see what we have just witnessed. Aside from my general awe about the sexy fruit roll up and her dancing blonde partner, I also thought the match was solid. I’m glad that Leah debuted on TV because I enjoy watching her, and she can only grow from here on out. Onto the Ascension, it is also the best thing I’ve ever seen. Im honestly torn with so much greatness involving stables on this episode that I’m running out of words to say so I’ll just let others take it away.

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