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Raw Redux (October 10th, 2011): A Refreshing Match But What Was the Point?

This week’s Raw was pretty lackluster in terms of storyline continuation and just overall performance, and honestly it has nothing to do with the ladies involved. We were actually treated to a fresh new match-up that I kind of enjoyed, but there was something lacking. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but lets just take a look at how the match played out. This week we saw Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres take on SmackDown’s Rosa Mendes and Tamina.

To start things off, we were treated to a video package highlighting what happened between Kelly, Eve, and the Divas of Doom last week. It set us up for the match, which had both teams already in the ring. Rosa decided to start things off against Kelly. She begins her attack by shoving the former Diva’s Champion, which does nothing but infuriate the blond bombshell. Kelly takes Rosa to the corner and starts working her over by slamming the brunette’s head into the turnbuckle. Kelly resorts to kicking, as well, until the referee gets involved and sends her back. A feisty Kelly goes to the opposite side and comes back with her handspring/back elbow combo which Rosa nearly mucks up by coming out from the corner too early. No surprise there. Kelly’s not fazed and simply climbs to the top, wraps Rosa in a choke, and bends backwards over the ropes. The referee counts down and the Florida native flips onto the ground, reaches in, and jerks Rosa’s legs out from underneath her. Kelly climbs back into the ring, stomps the crap out of Rosa, and eventually has to be restrained by the referee. That allows Rosa to make the tag to Tamina.

Tamina lumbers into the ring but is met with a Thesz Press. Kelly takes some of her aggression out on Tamina, but the stronger competitor overcomes it and finally knocks Kelly off her game. She clubs the former ECW dancer in the back to bring her down to the mat and drops a knee across Kelly’s throat. Tamina backs up to the ropes and uses the momentum to go for a splash, but Kelly is able to move. She crawls to her corner, makes the tag to Eve, and for some reason, Eve hesitates before getting into the ring. Tamina, who is back up to her feet, brings Eve into the ring herself, but Eve dodges the flip attempt by landing on her feet and turning Tamina’s offense into a beautiful arm drag takedown. Both ladies get back to their feet, but it’s time to show off her flash. Tamina is sent to the mat and Eve backs against the ropes only to come back with a front somersault. She lands squarely in Tamina’s mid-section and hooks the leg for a cover. Rosa makes the save.

As Rosa is celebrating, Kelly takes exception to her actions, and lets her know about it via a running bulldog. She kicks Rosa out of the ring, follows her to the outside, and lets Eve have the spotlight. Eve brings Tamina up, but the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka drives Eve into the corner. Eve battles back with an elbow to Tamina’s jaw and springs off the middle rope with a fancy little kick that sends Tamina into the perfect position for one of Eve’s finishers. Eve checks behind her to make sure all is well, and then she climbs to the top rope. One perfect looking moonsault later, Tamina is pinned, and the tag team of Eve and Kelly have picked up yet another win.

Kelly climbs back into the ring to celebrate with her BFF, and backstage we see that Beth Phoenix and Natalya, fresh from the Occupy Raw rally, are watching and making faces at the monitor.

I had kind of hoped we were past the point of DoD standing backstage and making faces, but that’s what we were treated to tonight. Their outfits were lovely if I could be superficial for a moment, and Beth just look fantastic. Normally, Nattie is my fashionista, but I think she got upstaged by the champ tonight. That aside, the match wasn’t bad sans Rosa’s timing issues. Tamina has improved a lot, and I noticed that last week when I watched her match with AJ in person. I think she’s going to end up being someone I like watching, and I will say that this match-up was truly a breath of fresh air. It was different, and the chemistry was there for the most part. I kind of want to see Eve and Tamina in a singles match. Tonight was the first night Eve’s moonsault blew me away. It was picture perfect. The match was good, it sucks that it came at a time where it meant absolutely nothing. I wish the Divas would have had more time, and I wish there was actually more for me to write about.

Sadly there’s not. It was just a throw away night for the Divas, and a perfectly good match ended up wasted. Lets hope SmackDown is a little better. Until next week… Cryssi out!

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