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FCW Watch: Raquel Diaz Interview

This week (actually the episode aired July 10th, but details aren’t important) on FCW, the in ring competition takes a week off, as perhaps one of the more interesting female signees in recent memory gets the chance to take the microphone, in Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero). The episode prior, Norman Smiley gave both she and her client, Alexander Rusev, the go ahead to bring their talents to FCW, and that starts tonight as they are interviewed by Briley Pierce. Sink or Swim time is upon us…

Check it out below!

Thoughts: Pretty good debut for the duo in my opinion. From her past segment with AJ, I’ve thought Raquel was pretty sweet on the mic, and tonight further went on to show it. I enjoyed her putting Rusev over as the monster he resembles, all while he stood there looking intimidating, sort of like a silent but deadly type deal. Personally, I hope to see more from the two of them together as I think it’s pretty refreshing, and it allows Raquel to get some character before she steps into the ring. Thumbs up from me.

Be sure to drop a comment and leave your thoughts as well, whether similar or different from mine.

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