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FCW Watch (September 25th, 2011): Aksana vs. Audrey Marie

Welcome to another much anticipated FCW Watch!~ This week, we have a rematch from two episodes prior between Aksana and Audrey Marie, only this time, the FCW Divas Championship will be on the line. On top of that, Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford) joins the Commentary team, and we see the first promo from Raquel Diaz‘s new stable the Ascension as well, which continues to strike fear and excitement in all who witness it.

Without any further ado…Let’s begin.

(Skip to 6:05)

The plucky theme music of our challenger hits, as Audrey Marie enters the arena. Eden Stiles announces the following contest as being a Championship match, as we are introduced to fellow diva, Caylee Turner, joining the announce desk to scout the upcoming competition. They head to a recap of the events from two weeks ago leading up to tonight’s match, as Aksana (complete with espionage like theme) makes her grand entrance and things get underway.

The bell sounds as the referee raises the title up for all to see. The two look to lock up, but Aksana kicks Audrey in the stomach off the bat. She drags the perky cowgirl over to the corner but Audrey blocks it with her boot and takes Aksana to the limit with a head slam to the turnbuckle. She goes to Irish Whip Aksana, but the black haired beauty reverses it and sends Audrey flying into the ropes. She comes back with a kick to the face, following up with a clothesline, and then a hip toss to send the Champion down.

Audrey kicks Aksana in the stomach and hits a suplex positioned bodyslam for a two count. Audrey goes to punch Aksana in the face but she blocks it, and then Aksana looks to do the same, only Audrey blocks it as well and finally connects with the punch to our Champion. Audrey charges into the corner, but Aksana lifts her over the top ropes, as Caylee Turner compares Aksana’s newfound attitude to that of a “mean jellybean” which has completely forced me to pause this and take a moment to chuckle.

As I press play, we return to see Audrey Marie on the ring apron. She punches Aksana in the face and headbutts her in the stomach. From there, she looks to flip over the top rope, but Aksana shoves her off mid move and she collides face first with the ring apron! Audrey tries to recover, as Aksana slams her face into the ring apron and chops at her. After a head slam, she covers for only a one count. Aksana applies a choke hold to the throat of the challenger, as Caylee Turner seems to be in shock that William Regal does not like a manipulative woman.

Back to the action, Aksana tells everybody to shut up, as Audrey could use all the support she can get. Aksana takes control and slams the challenger’s head down, before reverting back to the hold that got her to where she is.

The two finally reach a vertical base, as Aksana takes control with a sick kick combo to send Audrey back down. She drags Marie back to the center of the ring and covers, but only for a two count. Audrey goes towards the ropes to aid her in getting to her feet, but Aksana takes control applying both of her legs to the back in a choke. She slams Audrey backwards onto the ring canvas, before locking in a headlock and dropping an elbow. She covers for a near fall! The champion follows up with a nice suplex, looking to follow up with another…but Audrey slips through the legs and escapes!

Audrey rolls Aksana up out of nowhere! One…Two…NO! Aksana kicks Audrey back, and then delivers a nasty boot to the stomach. She then flies off the ropes and manages to slide through a clothesline attempt from the challenger, before kicking Audrey in the stomach and sending her into the ropes. She goes for the Devo Drop…but Audrey reverses into a small package!




Audrey Marie has just become the FCW Divas Champion! The crowd celebrates Audrey’s victory as Aksana heads to the back in defeat. They then proceed to recap the final events of the match, as we head to an amazingly done video promo from Raquel Diaz, Kenneth Cameron, Tito Colon, and former NXT Rookie, Conor O’Brian, who have all been recruited by Ricardo Rodriguez to form The Ascension!~

The group is seen standing on a roof top in pure darkness, as they speak the following:

“As the great Phoenix emerges…”

(I’m not fluent in Spanish, sorry folks)

“The fifth dimension means we’re strolling through the gates of heaven”

“Tides are turning….”

“We are the Ascension…and We…Will…Rise!”

As this video comes to a close, we head to the back now with Briley Pierce standing by with the former FCW Divas Champion, Aksana. As the dark haired diva begins to sob uncontrollably, she is approached by none other than the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, Husky Harris! Husky tells her that she got exactly was she deserved in the match with Audrey.

Husky goes to walk off, but Aksana stops him and begins apologizing for everything that has happened, saying she didn’t mean any of it. Husky begins to fall for her charms and in an attempt to calm her down, he brings her in for a hug. As the camera closes in on her face, we can see Aksana give us a devilish smirk, showing that nothing she just said was how she really felt. Will Husky be the next victim in her game of lies?!

Thoughts: Talk about a lot of action! Audrey Marie is coming along pretty quickly to me. If you look at those first two matches she had, compared to where she’s at now, it’s pretty cool to be able to see her improvement. With the diva pool so thin currently, I’m glad they decided to go with her and breathe some life into that title. She was the most logical choice to go with, and I’m hoping to see her have a good reign when it’s all said and done. The Ascension promo was phenomenal and I can’t express how much I want them on one of the main shows. They have all the makings of a great stable and I see nothing but great things for them in the future.

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