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Fight Network interviews Allie and Angelina Love

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Fight Network, the broadcasting network and home of Impact Wrestling in Canada, recently conducted a round of interviews with several Impact Wrestling stars including former Knockouts Champions Allie and Angelina Love. Allie discusses her favorite moments from Impact while Angelina touches on some of her wrestling experience in Mexico. Videos and highlights of the interview below.


Favorite Impact Wrestling moment: “I guess this is like sort of really cheesy but there was, I believe, a five-way match for the Knockouts Championship and I won by a fluke. Even though it was short-lived and was part of our storyline and all of that, I have to say I instantly started crying when Earl [Hebner] counted to three and that was real. There are pictures of me holding the belt and literally I’m crying and it was a really really special moment for me because this is something that I’ve literally dreamed of and worked so incredibly hard. I’ve been told ‘No’ so many times, so many times, and every wrestler has that story. Every wrestler will tell you that they’ve had the door closed on them multiple times but to sort of come full circle and to be staying there with Earl Hebner, come on its Earl, he’s like amazing and to be holding the Knockouts championship was probably in my top five most amazing moments ever in my entire career.”

On her Allie character: “Playing the part that I do and having the experience that I have, to step into a role where I have to be very shy and naïve and not so gifted in the ring is incredibly challenging. It’s probably the hardest thing ever. Any wrestler will tell you that, It’s very very hard when you’ve been doing something as long as I have and just to step into a role where you’re not supposed to know to do those things is really really hard. So I was happy with how the entire match kind of came together and I felt every single person played their part so well. Then doubling back a little bit, another moment in Impact that was really really special for me and for Braxton Sutter was the wedding. That, again, was probably my top five most amazing wrestling moments. There’s a second where we’re standing across from each other and we’re looking at each other we both had tears in our eyes. Then to come together and he dipped me and we kissed and the crowd was going bananas and there’s chaos all around us, it was such a real moment. That was real life for us, that was all the hard work we put in and it finally paid off and we didn’t come in separately, we came together and we may not have had a storyline per se together when we came in but to organically come together and have it end with this big wedding was probably one of the coolest things ever.”

Angelina Love:

Wrestling in Mexico: “My experience in Mexico was a complete polar opposite of any experience I’ve had in Canada and United States. I got my behind handed to me in some of the most unsafe ways ever when I was in Mexico. It was right after I got released from WWE and I mean, I got it handed to me and for me, I was the only girl that spoke English. So I was standing in like a group of like six girls including myself and everyone’s just like ‘do, do, do, and do’ and I’m just like, ‘Okay. I don’t really know what’s going on. Can somebody translate for me?’ To me, it felt like it was different because it’s not so much like character stuff and taking something and selling. It’s just like, boom, boom, boom, go, go, go for twenty minutes. We’re more used to more like a show aspect of it; you know take your time with this and be like this.”

What did you think of the interviews? What have been your favorite Allie Impact Wrestling moments? Do you agree with Angelina’s point of views of the wrestling in Mexico? Let us know in the comments below!

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