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Finals are officially set for the ROH Women’s Title Tournament

*Please note that this article may be considered spoilers as Ring of Honor airs at different times depending on the region.*

It’s official, after weeks and weeks of matches, we are now left with two women who will go for the new ROH Women’s World Championship.

Miranda Alize vs. Rok-C is now set for Sept. 12 at Death Before Dishonor.

On ROH TV this weekend, Miranda Alize first qualified for the finals as she took down the ever-impressive Trish Adora. Alize had what some may call a surprise win against Nicole Savoy in the quarter-finals. Adora took out the highly decorated Allysin Kay to make it to the semi-finals. This match was wonderful and it solidified why Alize has made it to the finals.

Match Time: 12:16 via Submission – Miranda Alize vs. Trish Adora

The final moments of this first match had Adora in a bridging submission locked in on Alize and had it positioned so that Alize could not get to the ropes. Alize was able to break free from the hold and get back to her feet with a back elbow into the corner. Snapmare from Alize to Adora with a stiff kick to the back of the head. This was followed up with a shot to the face, ripcord, and delivers a cutter. Alize then hits the Drive-by, head scissors, into the Miranda Rights. Adora did everything she could to claw her way to the ropes but wasn’t able to. Alize restrengthened the hold which caused Adora to tap out.

Fantastic showing by both women.

The second semi-finals match saw the young Rok-C taking on the veteran Angelina Love. Love earned a bye in the first round and won by disqualification against Max the Impaler in the quarter-finals. The focus was on Love wanting to get to the finals to become the new ROH Women’s World Champion and earn her eighth world championship in her career (Six-IMPACT Knockouts, One-ROH).

The story was heavily revolved around the fact that Love has been wrestling longer than Rok-C has been alive. There was no counting out the young talent though as she has been training since the age of 13 and has gone through a former champion in that of Sumie Sakai and then took out Quinn McKay to get here.

Match Time: 6:44 via Submission Angelina Love vs. Rok-C

Heading into this match, Love was selling an injured arm from the disqualification victory against Max. The veteran tried to avoid using the injured arm at the start of the match but it was only going to be a matter of time before she could go without it. Rok-C knew this and targeted the arm.

The final moments of the match witnessed Rok-C with Thesz press on Angelina to try and keep her down. Back on her feet, Angelina was able to grab a handful of hair and deliver a DDT but was only able to get a two count. Angelina believed it was a three and then went back to nursing her injured arm. The former champion went for a double underhook but Rok-C got her down for a crossface. The two rolled over for a few near falls by each.

Rok-C then locked in a Fujiarmbar bridge which was too much pain for Angelina’s arm that she had no choice but to tap. The pure shock came over the face of Rok-C from her win as she realized that she has defeated two prior champions in ROH to make it to the finals.

After the match, Alize made her way out to the stage to taunt Rok-C. The two exchange words hyping up for the finals.

Maria Kanellis Bennett has put together a fantastic tournament and if you haven’t had a chance to watch the matches, go back and enjoy them.

Don’t forget to catch the finals at Death before Dishonor on Sept. 12 to see if Miranda Alize or Rok-C walks out as the new ROH Women’s World Championship ushering in a new lineage for the company and rejuvenation of its women’s division.

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