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Finisher Frenzy’s next installment featuring Lita

Diva Dirt is here to present to you the next Finisher Frenzy. This time we celebrate the WWE Hall of Famer – Lita. Whether it be her legendary moonsault or the twist of fate, Lita has become one of the most popular women’s wrestlers in the history of the company. All of this during a time where women were an afterthought and she had to shine so bright in under five minutes.

Lita is the most recent addition to our growing Finisher Frenzy list. You can view who we have already put together by clicking on their names below.

Alexa Bliss


Sasha Banks

Trish Stratus

Kairi Sane

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Next up: Liv Morgan

What do you think of the Finisher Frenzy’s? Who would you like to see done in the coming weeks? Leave who you would want to see in the comment section below!!

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