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Fit Finlay Discusses Working as Agent for the WWE Divas

Former WWE star, Fit Finlay, who served as road agent for the Divas helping them put their matches together, spoke to Right After Wrestling last night.

Speaking on being put in charge of the Divas, he said:

I think it was a bit of a joke (being the trainer of the Divas). I have a reputation of being very tough and working with the girls is like dealing with a bunch of personalities. And working with these girls to work in ‘lingerie matches’ or ‘Thanksgiving gravy matches’ was a little embarrassing for both me and those girls sometimes. But you make the best of it and it really worked and later took off.

Listen to the interview here.

Thoughts: The Divas really did take off under Finlay’s guidance. He’s widely credited for Trish Stratus‘ growth as a performer.

We got Trish’s comments on Finlay’s release the week it happened back in March. Click here to listen to what she had to say.

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