Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Fit Tips from Mickie is taking part in National Women’s Health Week by offering “fit tips” from the Divas. I know we all love our Divas and respect their athleticism (well most of them, anyways), so why not take health tips from them? Mickie kicks off the week with her own advice:

First, you have to love yourself because if you don’t, then how do you expect anyone else to love you?

Second, I would say for everyone, it’s important to be healthy. I’m big on going green right now, so try to recycle and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

I think that exercise is amazing for anyone and everyone. And people make a lot of excuses not to, like, “Oh, I don’t have time.” Well, you have to make time. I don’t often have the time, but I make it.

Even if you don’t want to go to the gym, just go for a run around your block or take your dog for a walk. Just go outside. Outdoors is the best environment to exercise in because the air is fresh and clean, and you can run around. I go to the gym sometimes and do an hour of cardio, and I break a sweat, but it’s not the same as if I run outside. I run outside for ten minutes and I’m dripping sweat. It’s totally different for your body and you can embrace this beautiful earth at the same time.

Aside from stating the obvious (Exercise is amazing for your body? No way!), it’s nice to see Mickie endorse good old-fashioned cardio and self-acceptance. Though (and I’ll probably get burned at the stake for saying this), what happened to her figure in the past few years? She used to be so tiny (short, skinny, and all-around petite) in the indys, and seemed to gain weight in OVW that she’s yet to drop. Not that she’s fat by any means or looks unhealthy (I’d take her figure over a bony, sickly one any day) – but she looks so different compared to back then. Maybe it’s the implants. Eh.. It’s always about the boobs, isn’t it?

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