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Former teammates clash this Friday on SmackDown – All Fire, No Desire

The breakdown of not just a tag team but best friends, roommates, confidants has now reached a boiling point. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose will go one-on-one this Friday on SmackDown. Last week Deville cost Rose her Money in the Bank spot, so she most likely will not hold back once the bell rings.

Rose and Deville haven’t been seeing eye to eye ever since the video of Deville being behind the madness of texting Rose during the failed Valentine’s date with Otis was leaked by the hacker. With every friendship comes trust and this is where the fall out began between these two.

We have been seeing attacks between the two for the past few weeks. This all started with Rose taking the first attack at WrestleMania with a slap. From there we have the scathing prompt that was made by Deville as she let Rose know exactly what she thinks of her and the shadow she has had to hide in. This all culminated last Friday where Deville delivered an assault to Rose after her match against Carmella.

We saw a different side of Deville. She unleashed her anger and frustration she has been building up for so long on Rose clearly showing that Fire & Desire will never be the same.

Will Mandy get retribution from her injuries that she suffered from her former best friend last week or will Sonya continue her vicious assault to continue to ruin her life as she has promised?

Check out Diva Dirt’s promo video from what we have seen from these two so far in this feud.

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