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Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Planning Wrestling Comeback, Joins WILD Wrestling

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro recently sent out a bunch of tweets suggesting that she is planning on making a wrestling comeback.

The 2005 Diva Search winner mentioned that she wishes to be trained full-time and claims that she was trained on a per match basis during her time in the WWE.

I’m been yearning to mention this before-I want to be trained full time this time not match per match like WWE it’s tougher to pick up that quick than any of u can understand n I want to come back the best I can be like ever make u all proud. Not many had to learn on the spot n I’m not making excuses but I’m damn motivated n want to come back stronger harder n sicker than ever! I’m hoping y’all can understand that. I get trashed for botches or injuries wtf do u expect when u learn a move once rt before tv n on rd 330 days a yr w no off time to train it’s unrealistic.

She also makes mention of the women and men she worked with, such as Trish Stratus, Victoria and Jillian Hall:

But I thank the women in WWE I worked w utmost respect to Lisa Melina Jilliantrish all the girls who tried to help on my off time n mostly Paul Brian Kendrick n matt n Shane n all the guys really! The talent was so supportive and I’m ready to come back n make everybody proud especially my fans n supporters who appreciated the work I did do thanks to the help from the divas n fit n arnI love u guys for sticking by.

You will see me again like I said I’m coming back harder n stronger n TRAINED this time lol they learned there lesson never didthat2nother After all the injuries n potential given ones that could’ve happened! I love my work w WWE don’t get me wrong but I’m a fan like u guys n I know how it is n I know what people think, did I want to be amazing n wrestle like the vets absolutely but it takes time n I nevergotchanc.

Thanks for listening. The rest will be on a radio show I’m doing, I’ll explain a lot for anybody interested I f’ing love u guys thanks!

Meanwhile, WILD Wrestling has announced that Ashley has joined their roster. In an official press release, they write:

[notice]New York City, NY – Early on Sunday, former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro sent a message on her official Twitter account (@ashleymassaro11) that she wanted to get back into the wrestling world after a multi-year absence. In her tweet, she specifically mentioned her desire to become a WILD Warrior.

In subsequent tweets, she stated that she wanted to focus on her in-ring skills and that she wanted to become a world champion in the sport she loves.

Later in the day, WILD Owner Travis Leland made contact with her and they spent much of the afternoon coming to terms with each other. It is now official that Ashley Massaro is the newest member of our roster.

But word is that she won’t be stepping into the squared circle – just yet. Ms. Massaro will hold a different position in WILD until she feels the time is right to re-enter the ring. Although it is unclear what role she will play in the World Independent Ladies’ Division, Mr. Leland has told us that she is indeed a member of our organization.

Welcome to WILD Wrestling, Ashley Massaro![/notice]

Are you ready to see the ‘Dirty Diva’ in the ring again?

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