Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Former WWE Diva Says Some Divas Today ‘Aren’t So Talented’ in the Ring

Former WWE Diva, Sunny, who is famously not a fan of women’s wrestling, revealed in a new interview that she believes some of today’s Divas should not be in the ring and “aren’t so talented.”

Speaking to, she said:

Alfonso Castillo: You’re often referred to as WWE’s first Diva, and yet you did very little wrestling during your time in WWE. Do you think some of WWE’s current Divas would be more valuable outside of the ring then inside of it?

Tammy Sytch: Yes, maybe some of them. I’ve never been a huge fan of women’s “wrestling”, and have always thought it’s best left to the guys. Some of the girls out there aren’t so talented INSIDE the ring, and I think that just exposes the business even more. You wouldn’t put a Doctor with a shaky hand into surgery, now would you? (laughs)

You can read the full interview here. Sunny also talks about her new cookbook and which promotion she least liked working for.

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