Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Gail Kim and Melina Continue Their Feud via Social Media

Note to Divas: If WWE isn’t going to push you or invest in a storyline for your character, take matters into your own hands. And that is exactly what Gail Kim and Melina have done.

After exchanging victories on WWE Superstars in recent weeks, the Divas have taken to Twitter and YouTube to continue their feud. It all stems from a Superstars match a few weeks ago when Melina called Gail Kim ‘a horrible friend’, harking back to when both were fan favorites before Melina’s heel turn earlier this year.

Ahead of their next encounter, which will air this Thursday on Superstars, Gail Kim wrote on her Twitter page: “Good a good nights sleep and a direct flight.:) and I’m NOT a horrible friend! @realmelina is emotionally unstable!”

Melina responded: “You’re totally a Horrible Friend! I’m emotional Bcuz you made me this way! I’m a product of my environment BIOTCH! ;)”

Adding an exclamation point to her comments, the former Divas Champion then posted the following video:

Thoughts: Great job by Gail and Melina in creating something for their characters since it seems WWE isn’t. They have managed to tell their own storyline in their Superstars matches with the whole ‘horrible friend’ thing, and this is the next step. WWE has been trying to incorporate Twitter into its feuds/storylines, and Gail & Melina are giving them a tutorial in how to do it right.

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