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Shawn Michaels Credits Sensational Sherri for Helping Him Break Out as a Star in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, expressed his gratitude to the late Sensational Sherri for helping him break out as a star in the WWE.

Sherri, who managed Michaels, was recently ranked #5 on’s Top 25 Managers list, partly due to her relationship with the Heartbreak Kid.

Speaking to Right After Wrestling, Michaels talks about the influence Sherri had on his career: “She was huge. She was huge because Sherri had credibility at that time, which I didn’t have. I didn’t have an ounce, so I needed her so badly it’s not even funny. She had been obviously been with Randy [Savage], so Sherri had a real credibility and that put me up a couple [of] notches] right off the bat.”

“And then the fact that she was so giving — she allowed me to tweak her character a bit, and she never said no. She was phenomenal with everything we wanted her to do.”

Michaels continued: “She got very protective of me, and that came across too. When things really start to work in the eyes of the fans is when things are really working with the individuals that are in the ring. When there’s a real friendship, there’s a real bond, there’s a real commitment to each other, that comes across on the screen.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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