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Gail Kim learned of Awesome Kong’s retirement when the fans did

Considered by many, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong have held up as the greatest rivalry when it comes to the IMPACT Knockouts.

At NWA EmPowerrr, Gail Kim embraced with her former on-screen foe as Kong announced her retirement from pro-wrestling. What many didn’t know was that Kim only found out about Kong’s retirement [in the moment] when the fans did.

While appearing on Battleground podcast, the IMPACT Hall of Famer had the following to say:

“I really didn’t even know what they wanted me to do besides produce at that point. She [Mickie James] said, ‘Maybe you come out and cut a promo’ and so I said, ‘Yeah, sure. No problem’ and I would say probably a week after that, she informed me about Kia [Stevens] accepting to come and I was like [gasps]. You know, wrestling’s always been one of those things that I actually get really emotional about and I always tell this story that my husband gets mad because I didn’t cry at our wedding but I’ll cry for anything wrestling that moves me, so, when she’s like, you know, ‘She said she never got that final moment with you to say thank you’ and I was like, ‘I’m feeling emotional already. Don’t call me anymore,’ and so I got really super excited and you know, honestly, I just — I didn’t know [what] she was gonna say in the ring that night. I found out at the same time as all the fans watching that she was retiring. Yeah, Mickie and I both didn’t know.” [h/t: POST Wrestling]

Kim had a segment along with Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze, and Jennacide. Kong came to the aide of Kim before making her retirement announcement as the two legends embraced in the ring.

Gail has announced an all-women’s event for the IMPACT promotion which was taped over this weekend and will air on IMPACT Plus on Oct. 9.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news on both NWA and IMPACT.

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