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Gail Kim Responds to Fan Criticism: “Just Be Patient”


Former Women’s Champion & TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has responded to criticism about the way she’s being booked in WWE. Since returning to WWE, Gail has faced an uphill battle with fans either demonising WWE for not utilising her to the best of her ability or some criticising Gail herself for leaving TNA.

Gail writes:

Im getting a lot of emails and comments regarding how im being used in the wwe and I appreciate the support but I wish everyone would just be patient like I am and stay positive. Im having fun and am doing what I love…. good things come to those who wait!

Gail is wonderfully classy! She also comments on her move back to ‘where it all began’ six years ago:

As for this recent draft, I was kind of surprised but happy. I loved the Smackdown side and will miss everyone there but I know this is a great opportunity and a chance to go for the one title I havent held yet… the DIVAS championship title. I also love the live show aspect and am really looking forward to facing Beth Phoenix or possibly Mickie James. I have a lot of respect for them and havent faced them since pretty much my independent wrestling days. It will be interesting to see how far we have come since those days!

In bonus Gail scoop, G-Kim has named her straight-leg jawbreaker, ‘Eat Defeat’. She explains at her official fan forums:

The story behind it: evan bourne actually had seen that move being used before and called it eat the feet. I thought it was cute but never really thought to call it that. I went through so many ideas but only recently did Mark Henry suggest eat defeat. He really liked the actual move and would have different nicknames for it but when i heard eat defeat i knew it was the one! :) I thought it was perfect and hopefully all my opponents will EAT DEFEAT!!

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