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Gail Kim: WWE Keeps Tabs on TNA, PG Rules Would Change “Every Week”

The Sun has published more from its interview with Gail Kim, parts of which we reported on last week. This time, Gail comments on on the is-it-or-isn’t-it PG rating the WWE touts for its programming, whether or not the WWE is paying attention to TNA and fan investment in the Divas.

On the WWE’s fickle PG rating:

“Every week the rules would change. I think we were in London for TV and David Hasselhoff was guest host of Raw. We had the match where we did the slo-mo entrance run. It was really funny. That day they brought us the ugliest one-piece bathing suits for the match. The seamstresses fixed it, but they were very PG and they said, ‘We’ve got to cover you guys up’. No ass hanging out, basically!

We did our rehearsal for the entrances and after that they had a discussion amongst the agents. One agent came up to us and said, ‘It’s not so flattering on the chest. Maybe you need to do something about that’. Basically they meant ‘show more cleavage’, so they are never really happy. It’s one way one week and one way the other. When I signed with WWE I was really happy that they had the PG thing going on. I thought’ ‘Yes! No more bra and panties matches, no bikini contests’.”

On whether or not the WWE pays attention to TNA’s program:

“It’s funny how people in the office act like they never watch TNA, follow TNA or know anything that’s going on with TNA. In my opinion they are all lying! They all knew who Kia (Kharma) was after what she and I did in TNA. They hired me back for a reason. If I was doing nothing during that time I don’t think I would have got hired back.”

On Kharma‘s storyline proving that mainstream audience invests in the Divas:

“We had a storyline where she broke down in the middle of the ring in front of all of us, but even before that happened, when she came out and the crowd erupted, I remember getting goosebumps. I was out there thinking, ‘Wow, I have not heard the fans react like that since my time at TNA’. It was amazing to see and it proves right there that the fans can get into female wrestling, that the fans want to see it and that they will react like that if they are given a storyline. People say women’s wrestling sucks and nobody wants to see it, but every time there are storylines and they invest in the women, people react and love it.”

Read more of part 2 of the interview here. You can also read part 1 of the interview here or listen to the full chat here.

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