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Get To Know: Sierra Loxton

Wanting to get a look at fresh faces in women’s wrestling, it’s time we… ‘Get To Know’ them.

Today we managed to get in touch with one young girl who’s making waves in the British Wrestling Scene. From ‘The Other Side of Your Mind’, it’s ‘The Freaky Princess’, Sierra Loxton. With less than 2 years experience, she has appeared for places including… Attack! Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, and even Scotland’s Insane Championship Wrestling.

Here’s what the soft-spoken, Welsh born Princess had to say to us.

(Photo courteous of Turning Face Photography)

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to Sierra. Would you mind tell us a little about who ‘The Freaky princess’ is, for those who don’t know of you?

Thank you for having me! The Freaky Princess is a bad-ass who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to put down those who stand across the ring from her. She’s very elegant and ditsy but when it comes to the wrestling, she’s very aggressive.

When did you first become interested in the world of professional wrestling?

I first became interested in about 2011 and then I decided I wanted to become a wrestler in 2014.  

I hear you come from the high acclaimed Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy in South Wales. Tell me about your journey training up through there, any challenges you faced and how you’ve overcome them.

So I started training with Dragon Pro in 2014 and it was so tough. We had to do an insane workout one time and I remember I couldn’t move the next day. I couldn’t do anything, could’ve even roll but it was a challenge I wanted to do. So I kept going, pushing through it all, and here I am, stronger and more driven than ever.

How would you describe your character & in-ring style to those who have never seen your work?

My in-ring style is very different to other workers, I’m more hard hitting and throw my body around to beat others.

What inspirations have driven you the most? Favourite Wresters? Men or Women? Anyone else inside or outside of wrestling?

Aja Kong and Manami Toyota are two of my biggest inspirations, as I am very Japanese wrestling influenced. And also just everyone who trained me up to where I am now, and those who came before me from the Dragon Pro Academy.

What would you say are your biggest accomplishments in the less than 2 years you’ve been in the business? Favourite matches/moments/opponents?

Probably wrestling Kay Lee Ray in my ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) debut. Even though I got injured during it, I still powered through and left a great impression. My trainer Mike Hitchman (The Wild Boar) said that’s the second best women’s match he has ever seen. His first was Nixon Newell Vs Kimber Lee, with Lee now better known as Abbey Laith in WWE. And that’s such a massive honour since they’ve wrestling for way longer, and I look up to those two so much as well.

So… what are your future goals you hope to reach in your future? Mainstream success? More British promotions? Travel to different places?

I would like to wrestle all around the UK and make my debut for as many other promotions as possible outside the UK too!

Are there any up-coming shows you’d like to promote for people to see you at?

I’ll be at Pro Wrestling Chaos on 23rd September facing Veda Scott at the Thornbury Leisure Centre.

After that I’ll be going back to my training grounds with Dragon Pro Wrestling at Rodney Parade in Newport, Wales! I’ll be appearing for their ‘The Long Winter‘ show on Sunday 15th October.

I’ll then return to Chaos to be part of their Maiden of Chaos Championship Tournament. This is to crown their first champion, which I plan on becoming. There’ll be two shows for this on Saturday October 28th at the Hanham Community Centre.

And I’ll be returning to ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) at the Tramshed in Cardiff on 5th November.

It’s been a pleasure getting the chance to get to know you more. How can the Diva-Dirt readers follow up on your future activities? Any Social Media you wish to plug?

Thank you again for the opportunity to have this interview! Here’s all my social media links for those who want to know what The Freaky Princess is up to in the future.

Facebook – Sierra Loxton

Instagram – sierraloxton

Twitter – @sierraloxton

A massive thank you once again to Sierra Loxton for taking the time to chat with us. We hope finds as much success in the wrestling business as she wants.

But what do you guys think? Have we introduced you to your new favourite wrestler? Impressed with what you have seen? Reckon she will become one of the UK’s top rising women’s stars? Or maybe you have any suggests for who we can ‘Get To Know’ next? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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