Monday, March 27, 2023

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Good Diva Gone Bad

In a minor spoiler for tomorrow night’s episode of WWE Superstars, it looks as though one of SmackDown’s gaggle of new Divas has been led astray! Foxy Alicia Fox worked a Divas match taped for the show, as a heel last night.

Since ditching her ugly ‘dance partner’ on ECW to come over to SmackDown, we’ll be likely be seeing a new side of Alicia from here on out as she realises she was the real star of that whole gimmick.

For those who are unaware, Alicia’s character is primarily heel in training camp, FCW and from what I’ve seen she pulls it off well. She definitely has the confidence and swagger to do the same on SmackDown. With the heel-to-face ratio on SmackDown, 1:3, it was expected that one of the Divas would turn heel and Alicia is good as any as it gives her a chance to really mould a character.

I can just hear the calls for her to be teamed with Layla now! And it could work, they can both dance and they can both show some bitchy swagger. Match made in heaven!

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