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Happy Decade, Lilian!


Congratulations are in order for everyone’s favourite ring announcer, Lilian Garcia, who celebrates a decade as a WWE Diva today. As she’s pointed out on her Twitter page, she is the first and only ‘Decade Diva’, having begun her journey on August 23rd, 1999.

We’d like to take this moment and celebrate with Lilian on this milestone day! Who’s got cake?!

The moment however, is bittersweet, as it’s widely speculated that Lilian will finish her WWE run tomorrow night on Raw.

And what would a post like this be without reminding you of some of Lilian’s best moments? To celebrate a decade of Lilian, we have compiled our ten top moments from Lilian’s career:

10. Lilian Performs ‘iQuiero Vivir!’
In 2007, Lilian released her debut album iQuiero Vivir! and to celebrate it’s release, she belted out one heck of a performance on Monday Night Raw:

See #9-1 after the cut:

9. Lilian Visits ‘Haas of Pain’
In a low point of Lilian’s career, the Diva was thrown off the ring apron by one Charlie Haas. While sad, it proved to be one of the most memorable Lilian moments.

8. Christy Kisses Lilian
In 2004, Diva Search Christy Hemme kissed Lilian in the ring during a segment. It was later reported that it was a rib due to Garcia’s hardcore partying on a recent tour of Europe.

7. Kane Attempts Chokeslam
Sadly, sitting at ringside our Lilian was subject to a few pissed off Superstars and Divas who tried to take their aggression out on her. This time it was Kane…

6. The Viscera Love Story
One of the most bizzare storylines in WWE history has to be Viscera and Lilian. Yeah, I don’t quite know what was going on there either… Watch as Viscera proposes to Lilian below:

5. Lashley Pulls Off Lilian’s Skirt
I don’t know what’s worse, having creeper Vince McMahon find an excuse to look up your skirt or have Lashley rip it off…

4. Victoria Attacks
For a brief moment in early 2007, Victoria went back to her bad girl roots [and the world rejoiced!] and to prove whta a bad ass she was, she went after everyone including Lilian!

3. Lilian & Jillian
In a segment that could have been pulled from a sitcom, Lilian and Jillian had a little sing off last year:

2. Post 9/11 Performance
Lilian’s post-9/11 performance will probably go down as an iconic moment for WWE. New Yorker Lilian, so full of emotion, held back the tears as she performed the national anthem:

1. The Rock’s Strudel
This moment in history really needs no explanation…

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