Friday, April 19, 2024

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Have Yourselves a Tacky Knockout Christmas

These holidays are usually a time when WWE and TNA reward fans with ‘sexy’ [or should that be ‘sexed up’?] photoshoots of the Divas and Knockouts and this Christmas is no different. First up to bat is TNA, who have filled our proverbial stocking with two pages filled with Knockouts in Christmas hats etc. However, the prevailing thought in my mind upon flicking through was not the word ‘sexy’, but rather the word ‘tacky’. Nothing says Christmas quite like a girl with an oversized gift bow covering her breasts, apparently.

Then there’s the fact that TNA, unlike WWE, couldn’t stretch it’s budget to correct costumes for all of the girls — thus having some of the Knockouts pretty much pose in lingerie, while adding Christmas ornaments for that festive feel. ODB thankfully had the good sense though, to at least bust out the right colours!

I guess I should stop being a scrooge and say something nice, right? Err, nice find on the red-brick wall you used as a background?

In all seriousness, I think Sarita looks cute; a little more demure and less salacious than the others girls but it really goes a long way. In fact, I think that she looks way sexier than the girls who’ve actually tried to sex it up.

Check out the full photoshoot by clicking here.

Merry Christmas!

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