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Hell in a Cell Results: Charlotte wins Raw Women’s title at Hell in a Cell main event

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History has been made!

Despite some doubt earlier this week, the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match served as the main event of a WWE PPV. This marks the first time WWE history that a women’s match has headlined a PPV event as Sasha Banks and Charlotte competed for the Raw Women’s title.

Before the cell was even lowered, Charlotte went for the offense, knocking Sasha off with a running attack and throwing Sasha’s head to the announce table. Things only escalated as Sasha and Charlotte began a battle within the audience which then lead to Sasha being power bomb through the announce table.

The maneuver appeared to have given out Sasha’s back, with officials bringing out paramedics and warning Sasha to call off the match. Just as ring announcer Jojo was going to declare Charlotte the new women’s champion via forfeit, Sasha pulled through and entered the cell, causing the match to official begin.

Once inside the cell, Charlotte worked on Sasha’s back once agin, being mocked flipped to a cell, slammed to a turnbuckle and dumped to the ring apron.

Charlotte pulled out a chair from under the ring but was then knocked off when Sasha connected a suicide dive that brought Charlotte down. The champion would then drive Charlotte’s head to the same chair with a toehold.

When the action spilled out to the ring again, Sasha was able to hit numerous double knee shots with the use of the cell walls. Sasha looked to put Charlotte away with a three amigos suplex, frog splash and corner double knee shot through a chair but Charlotte managed to kick out through it all.

The challenger looked to force Sasha to submit to the Figure Eight but Sasha broke the submission with the use of a chair. Still Charlotte, managed to fight through this and put Sasha away after tossing her several times through the table and hitting the Natural Selection to win the Raw Women’s championship for the third time.

What did you think of the match?

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