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Hikaru Shida retains the AEW Women’s World Championship at All Out

Hikaru Shida is still your AEW Women’s World Champion. Shida successfully defended her title in an incredible match against the NWA Women’s World Champion, Thunder Rosa.

The match was a show-stealing, hard-hitting and highly intense affair. Shida and Rosa absolutely beat the stuffing out of each other from the start to finish. The offence was stiff, fierce and fantastic.

Thunder Rosa took control of the match early on and remained dominent throughout large portions of the match. Her mix of strikes, technical prowess, submissions and Lucha Libre kept Shida grounded and on the backfoot.

Rosa was made to look like a threat from the very start and was able to scout and counter much of Shida’s offence.

Despite Rosa’s dominance, Shida was able to resist and eventually muster up a comeback with her own array of inventive violence.

The finale of the match came after a flurry of big strikes, big moves, and near-falls from both competitors. But Shida would find an opening and smash Rosa with her running knee strike for the hard-fought victory.

A beautiful mix of Japanese and Lucha Libre styles, executed by two wrestlers at the top of their game. Shida proved that she is one of the toughest players in the game by overcoming her biggest challenge to date. Thunder Rosa put on an incredible star-making performance and showed that she is more than ready for the big time.

A fantastic match that gave the AEW women’s division a much-needed boost and the best championship matches in its history.

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