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Howard Finkel Blogs About Divas Night, Tiffany, And The Bella Twins

Following Tuesday night’s broadcast of ECW, ring announcer and Hall of Fame inductee Howard Finkel took to his blog on the WWE Universe page where he spoke about Nikki and Brie Bella splitting up as well as the upcoming Divas Night next week on ECW, which was proposed by Tiffany.

In the process of unification, we also received a case of deeper division, or a current non-case of “sisterly love” concerning the Bella Twins. Last night, there was bad blood a brewing between Brie and Nikki. They’ve made their loyalties known in the Miz/Morrison -vs- Carlito/Primo issue, but it looks as if  an apple a day (thanks to the Colons) won’t keep these two away!

Mr. Long’s lovely assistant Tiffany returned and had this idea of having a Diva’s Night for an episode of ECW. Nice thinking, Tiffany. Yes, it has never been done before, and I know it would pique my interest. By the way, I see that Tiffany will be a part of the Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25. I hope she knows what she’s getting into. I mean, have you seen her in any in-ring competition yet on ECW-TV? Nope. It would be a bold way to make her WWE in-ring debut, and at the biggest event of the year, no less…..Go for it Tiff!

Again, I’m really glad that the Bella Twins have finally been split up. Their characters were way too stale and the whole dressing-alike gimmick and just standing at ringside was just making them become less and less important. Finally, those who can’t tell them apart will be able to, and if all turns out well, Nikki may even find her way onto the ECW roster as a heel while allowing Brie to stay on SmackDown as a face.

With the feud brewing between the sisters, it’s obvious that we are bound to have them feuding with each other for a good month or two and they will inevitably be in 3-on-3 tag matches (see next week’s spoilers) and at ringside when Miz & Morrison battle the Colons. They will also no doubt be at ringside at WrestleMania 25 when the two tag teams square off to see who becomes the unified Tag Team Champions. Will the Bellas play a deciding factor?

I really like that they are praising Tiffany by allowing her to have been the one to come up with Divas Night next week on ECW. (Her character is finally given some meaning!) It seems that Howard Finkel also had the same idea as me when he said that WrestleMania’s Battle Royal could be WWE’s way of planning out Tiffany’s official in-ring debut, which would allow her to become an active wrestler on ECW. It’s about time she stop doing pre-recorded backstage segments and finally enter the ring and show us what she’s got! I’m definitely looking forward to this and I’m predicting a feud brewing between her and Katie Lea or even Nikki Bella, assuming she becomes an ECW Diva by joining Miz & Morrison.

After all, this is a wrestling business and if Tiffany doesn’t hurry up and do something meaningful, she’s bound to be wished well on her future endeavors!

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