Sunday, April 14, 2024

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I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

It looks like WWE is seeing fit to pull the old switcheroo, though unlike the cool kind in movies like Fight Club (which I was referencing in the title, if you are insane and haven’t seen it), this kind of twist is one we didn’t want to see, but kind of expected.

According to, tomorrow’s Night of Champions PPV will not feature a match for SmackDown’s new Women’s Title. Despite the fact that (mentioned here by our loyal visitors) color commentator Mick Foley confirmed the match’s existence at the beginning of this past Friday’s Diva tag team match, it looks like someone decided against it. Apparently, the words that many heard on our footage of the match has been cut from subsequent broadcasts, leading one to believe that either Foley misspoke or the decision to cancel the match was made afterwards. Either way, this news sucks.

Bloody hell – of COURSE they’re cutting it. They probably needed the extra minutes for a lengthier pretentious and tacky Triple H entrance. Grr.. Screw this – I’m going to watch an Edward Norton movie. That Fight Club reference got me in the mood.

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