Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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I See London, I See France..

I see Eve Torres‘s unerwea- well, it’s actually her bra, but you get my drift. Her new photoshoot on, called “Sexy Spots” (who knew spots could be sexy?), features the SmackDown Diva in a very sheer top and leopard print skirt. At first, I thought the visible bra looked trashy, but it’s actually done in a way that’s not so “in your face”. Plus the top is cute, so I have no qualms. Overall, she looks stunning – the only thing I’d change is the skirt. It’s a little too tight-and-shiny for me. But still, she looks gorgeous and makes me wonder why she doesn’t get as much exposure as the other SD gals. Maybe that’ll change soon with the Draft. (Click the thumbnails below to view the full photos.)


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