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I’ll Go Back to Black Blonde


Oh hey there girl, welcome back… SmackDown’s Natalya has returned to her roots, ditching her fiery auburn colour and going back to blonde. It got me thinking, was there any correlation between Natalya’s hair colour and her push? Blonde Natalya got an impressive push when she joined Friday Night SmackDown last April, however it all went downhill when Auburn Natalya turned up and replaced her.

At the time, Natalya wrote that she thought there were too many blondes in the WWE. Maybe the third-gen Diva wised up and realised you gotta be blonde to be pushed? Let’s hope Nattie’s luck changes with her new ‘do!

As a sidebar: I like a Diva who experiments with her hair colour, it mixes things up every now and again and makes them stand out more.

And as an extra sidebar: If you haven’t already read it, check out the back-and-forth verbal sparring between Natalya and ECW’s Katie Lea in last night’s Royal Rumble live blog at WWE Universe. It was pretty hilarious and showed a lot more personality than we get to see on television. Katie Lea has a slick, sarcastic humour and Natalya is just crazy. Put the two together and I think you’d get a pretty funny sitcom!

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