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Impact 05/03/18 – Case closed

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. After coming face to face last week, the anticipated battle between Rosemary and Su Yung takes form on this week’s Impact! But that’s not all for the Knockouts as we are also formally introduced to Impact’s newest Knockout recruit Tessa Blanchard! Let’s watch.

In a pre-match interview, McKenzie Mitchell takes Kiera Hogan back to her first Impact Wrestling PPV at Redemption to reflect on the moment. Kiera says although she lost at that PPV a few weeks ago. she won’t dwell on that past. The name of that PPV was Redemption and Kiera plans on getting just that in the rematch she requested against Taya.

Enter the newest addition to the Knockouts roster Tessa Blanchard! Blanchard interrupts Kiera’s interview and suggests that Redemption be the last PPV match Kiera competes in because the Knockouts division has a woman like her now: the total package.

Blanchard closes out the backstage confrontation by suggesting she is the better woman and because of this, women like Kiera will always take a backseat to her. Kiera responds by saying she agrees, Blanchard is better than her…. At sitting back and watching! Kiera proposes that Blanchard do what she does best – sit and watch while she goes out to the ring to defeat Taya.

ATTENTION ALL GRADO FANS: the loveable Scottish star has returned to Impact. Even though he broke things off with Laurel Van Ness he is back with a new girlfriend! She’s at the dentist this week but Grado assures his lawyer and dear friend Joseph Parks that she is smoking hot.

Time for our first Knockouts match of the week:

The ring bell sounds off and Taya charges after Kiera, knocking the Girl on Fire off her feet. She hammers in punches, takes Kiera to a corner and lands in chops to the chest. Taya throws across Kiera across the ring and charges after her once again but Kiera sidesteps out of the way.

Kiera begins to mount some offense but gets cut off by a lariat from Taya, who begins to trash talk over Kiera – “Arriba la Wera Loca”! Kiera avoids the double stomp and begins to rebuild some momentum. She takes Taya down with a Snapmare and lands a kick the head. Kiera runs the ropes for a headscissors takedown that sends Taya to the outside.

Kiera makes her way to the ring apron and kicks Taya’s head to the steel step. Suddenly Tessa Blanchard’s music hits and out comes the third generation Knockout! Blanchard seemed pretty upset of Kiera’s words from earlier in the day and decides to get physical with her! She pulls Kiera off the ring apron and the two Knockouts begin to duke it out!

Blanchard wins the bout after sending Kiera to the ring post and steel steps. The action makes its way inside the ring where Blanchard stands tall over Kiera after landing a hammerlock DDT.

Our second Knockouts match between Rosemary and Su Yung take this week’s Impact main event slot!

But first, Allie meets with her Demon Bunny partner backstage or at a bowling alley? to let her know she will be by her side. Rosemary protests this idea and makes Allie promise that she will stay away from the ring. Allie doesn’t agree nor does she want too but reluctantly. I just love these two BFFs!

After making their entrances, the Knockouts meet on the outside and trade forearms. Rosemary takes Yung facefirst to a seated chair. Yung sees an opening, strikes and gets the upper hand to hit Rosemary with a Panic Switch onto the floor!

Suddenly, Rosemary calls for Undead Brides to enter the Impact Zone with a casket but here comes Allie to make a save! The Knockouts Champion attacks Yung from behind and sends her to the guardrail. Allie then checks on Rosemary and tells her she couldn’t keep that promise, Rosemary is her best friend.

The Impact Zone chants “Demon Bunny” as Rosemary orders for Allie to leave. Yung calls her Undead Brides to grab ahold of Allie as she finishes Rosemary. The Demon Assassin holds her own but a mist blinds Rosemary as she hit with another Panic Switch off the stage and through a table! Allie is forced to watch all of this unfold and it only gets worse when Yung puts Rosemary inside the coffin.

Thoughts: What a night for the Knockouts! Even though neither match had an actual finish, there was some great storyline progression for two ongoing feuds.

After Keira’s defeat at Redemption and Taya’s defeat last week, I don’t think having either woman lose again would help anyone, so I’m okay with things ending in no contest due to Blanchard’s interference.

Tessa Blanchard is here to make a name for herself within the Knockouts division. She comes across as an arrogant heel but isn’t afraid to back up her words with action. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Kiera Hogan – the new cheerful babyface who is looking to make a splash of her own whether it’s through getting back up after a defeat or it’s by standing up to those who may doubt her. The backstage interview and brawl helped display these characteristics and I think this could spark a fresh new feud between these two new Knockouts.

Onto our second Knockouts feud and overall highlight of this week’s Impact: The Undead Bride vs. The Demon Assassin! Since Su Yung’s arrival to Impact, we always knew that they would want her to work a program with Rosemary. It’s a feud about characters and creativity. While I always felt that Impact are quick to rush things, such as this feud, I think this week’s segment really worked to extend this feud.

After reading the spoilers for this week, I wondered how it would play out on television. With word of Rosemary currently being injured, this was a smart way to write her off until she heals up while showcasing more of Su Yung’s character. She’s broken free of Braxton Sutter, who has since left the company, and has an army of Brides at her disposal! Forcing Allie to watch just made this moment that more wicked and impactful – no pun intended.

So where does Allie go from here? How will she avenge her best friend’s honor? What else could Su be plotting? When will and how will Rosemary return? Keep us invested Impact!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you excited to see this new generation of Knockouts? What would like to see happen next? Let us know in the comments below!

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