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Impact Feedback: Victoria’s TNA Debut


The time is around 9.15pm ET (or 2am if you’re me) and Impact is ongoing. As we all know, Victoria makes her TNA debut tonight on the show. Feel free to use this post to leave your comments, feedback, thoughts, flames… whatever.

We’ll be tweeting through tonight’s show, as soon as the Knockouts action begins. You can catch our updates at or in the widget to the right of your screen.

Get discussing!

EDIT: Added a self-written recap below –

After Angelina Love retains her Knockouts Championship against Sojo Bolt, she takes to the microphone and berates Kip James before having security remove him, calling him a ‘stalker’. She then says she’s gotten tired of wrestling the same old Knockouts and needs ‘new hos’ [competition]. Cue Victoria’s new TNA music [which was kinda cool considering how generic TNA’s production themes are] and she comes out to a crazy pop from the audience in attendance. She is referred to as Victoria by both Mike Tenay and Don West and looks about 10 years younger. Not saying she’s had work done, but whatever it was, she looks much rejuvenated and hot!

Victoria hits the ring, takes out Velvet, followed by Madison. Ang tries to hit Victoria with the title, she manages to duck and then sets up Ang for the Widow’s Peak and connects. Fans go crazy once again, for the signature move. The Beautiful People retreat up the ramp as Victoria grabs the microphone and says something along the lines of, “Consider your challenge accepted.”

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