Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Impact Spoilers From Tonight’s Tapings (Major Spoiler Included!)

Major spoiler for an upcoming episode of Impact is below. I think this airs next week.

EDIT: More detailed spoilers below…

*Tara defeated Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love & Madison Rayne with the Widow’s Peak. Postmatch, Tara went to place the taranchula on Sky, Angelina screamed at ringside not to do it, Tara said only if she puts the Knockouts title on the line, she gracefully accepted and put the spider back in his case. Angelina entered the ring for her match. Tara vs Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts Title. Match started with a few quick pin attemps for Tara, then Love escaped the ring, but Tara pulled her back by her hair. Madison Rayne tried to stop it and got thrown out by Rudy Charles. The match continued till finally Tara hit the Widow’s Peak and got the win to become the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion. (Source: PWInsider)

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