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Impact Spoilers (Night #2): October 1st, 2009

Spoilers for the second night of Impact tapings are now out, courtesy of our TNA tapings correspondent Camden! These will air a week from Thursday (October 1st) on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Impact - October 1st, 2009
Kong (w/ Raisha Saeed) vs ODB – Knockouts Championship match
Tara is at the commentating table. Saeed goes to Tara and interrupts her. Tara removes her headphones and goes after her.

As Tara walks towards the ring Kong reaches over the ropes and grabs her hair to pull her into the ring, but Tara counters and Kong hits the ropes and falls back. ODB grabs her for the pin.
Winner – ODB

Saeed and Kong leave while Tara and ODB exchange words in the ring. Kong runs back and attacks both girls, leaving them in the ring.


Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come out and apologize to the fans and the Knockouts for their behavior the last year. Due to contractual agreement issues Angel is no longer with the TBP. They said Angelina made them monsters and everything they did was because of her. They called out Taylor and Sarita to apologize to them. They shook hands and as Sarita and Taylor walked away Velvet and Madison attacked them from behind and missed. Taylor and Sarita instantly counter and as they dominate TBP, Lacey comes in for the save and lays Taylor and Sarita out.

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Are we looking at the makings of a triple threat feud for the Knockouts Championship? Sounds exciting, especially after the crappy excuse for a title feud that was OBD/Deaner.

Unique way for Lacey to debut, and its kind of shocking to see them acknowledge Angelina’s departure so directly, even though they probably didn’t have much of a choice. Oh, and I didn’t buy for a second that their apology was genuine. ;)

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