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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: July 12th, 2018

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Allie makes her return in singles action. As seen on last week’s Impact, Allie picked up a win when she teamed up Madison Rayne to take on the team of Su Yung and one of Undead Bridesmaid.

Read‘s preview of tonight’s show below:

She has been called the Sweetheart of IMPACT Wrestling. Allie is a 2x Knockouts Champion and often times is looked at like the sweet, innocent girl next door. Allie is looking to change that and perhaps Su Yung is to thank.

It all goes back to when Su put Allie in a coffin, closed the lid and became Knockouts Champion. Allie returned with a vengeance. Perhaps it goes back further? Allie lost her best friend when Su Yung did the same thing to Rosemary, put the Demon Assassin in a coffin and set it ablaze for the entire world to see. That was devastating for Allie to witness.

Now, Allie is back, she is back with a purpose and she is back looking a little more dangerous. Less girl next door and more woman with a meaning. Allie has discovered darkness and experienced pain and now that she is back on IMPACT is there anything that can stop Allie?

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