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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: May 25th, 2017

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, two families go head to head as Angelina Love and her husband Davey Richards take on Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards in a mixed tag team match.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s match below:

The rivalry between the Richards family and the Edwards family has become increasingly more intense and violent as the weeks have passed. What appeared in the beginning to be a simple dissolution of friendship has turned into nothing short of a war between the two families. When Davey cost Eddie the World Championship and Angelina sucker punched Eddie’s wife Alisha, Wolves fans worldwide were shocked and disappointed. That would only be the tip of the iceberg, however, and the Violent Duo would stop at nothing to hurt Eddie and pull him from the spotlight while destroying any hope Alisha had of becoming a Knockout. While the Edwards family was left wounded on more than one occasion they proved both together and individually that “Anything is Possible.” Alisha earned a spot on the Knockouts roster and Eddie has taken every assault brought on by his former partner and has stood to his feet again each time. Last week and the chaos that ensued at the conclusion of Angelina and Alisha’s singles match prompted action from IMPACT officials. Finally, these two families will go head to head this week on IMPACT in a mixed tag match. The Violent Duo looks to put the Edwards family away for good. Eddie and Alisha, however, look to put an indefinite stop to the weekly ambushes from the Richards family and leave this feud in their rear-view mirrors so they can move onto bigger things: possibly the Knockouts and World Championships? Which team will come out on top this week? We saw Eddie Edwards on crutches last week and Alisha on the receiving end of an attack with a chain by Angelina. Are all four competitors coming into the match at 100%? Can the unfathomable tension between these four be contained in the confines of a sanctioned match?

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!.

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