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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: July 28th, 2011

Spoilers for this week’s Impact below. This show will air on Thursday on Spike TV at 9pm.

Winter defeated Tara. Angelina Love and Miss Tessmacher came out with their respective partners but were sent to the back before the match started. Tara went for the Widow’s Peak but referee Earl Hebner got bumped, Winter hit Tara with a mule kick followed by the Swinging Side Slam into a Backbreaker for the win.

Velvet Sky and Traci Brooks come out for a promo. Traci says she is issuing a personal invite to ODB and Miss Jackie. They walk down the ramp. Traci says she was the original Knockout. She says that TNA asked her to move aside to make room for fresh faces. Traci says that she didn’t try to jump over people like Velvet. This ends tonight.

ODB says that she and Jackie didn’t lose her jobs until Velvet started rubbing herself all over the ropes. Velvet left no room for the real ass-kicking women.

Velvet takes the mic and talks about how she was bullied when she was younger. As she grew older, she told herself she was not going to be a victim. The day she came to TNA was the happiest day of her life. She earned her spot. Velvet says she doesn’t owe them an apology. She understands the way both of them feel. Velvet says if they wanted their jobs they should have tried asking. Velvet says that they can do whatever they want here, but Velvet is no longer being anyone’s punching bag and walks out. (Source)

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