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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: October 18th & 25th 2018

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling, taped tonight from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City.


October 18th

* Taya Valkyrie defeated Katarina Leigh via Impact Buster for the pin. McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Taya about her loss and how the referee was out of position to fix the apron Tessa pulled into the ring at Bound for Glory. She said that she really respected Tessa Blanchard but after the tactics she used to beat her at BFG, she no longer does.

* Allie (with Kiera Hogan) defeated Alisha Edwards. Throughout the match, Allie’s began slapping herself when she was losing it and her entire mannerisms changed. Post-match, Allie kept beating on Edwards. Hogan entered the ring to stop her and question what she was doing. Allie came “out of her trance” and acted like she didn’t know what had happened. She went to check on Edwards, who left the ring wary of her. Allie, who seemed confused, left the ring to check on Edwards again as Hogan tried to explain to her what went down.

October 25th

* Su Yung defeated Kiera Hogan (with Allie) via sitdown powerbomb. When Su began to set up for the Mandible Claw, Allie got on the ramp to the ring and challenged her only to find out Yung could control her like voodoo. She made Allie’s arms move against their will and then made her clutch at her chest.


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