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Impact Write-Up (January 5th, 2017): All eyes on Allie

Feliz año nuevo Knockout fans! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, safe and healthy 2017 thus far! TNA have certainly made some headlining splashes in the last few days; what with word the company under new ownership and some returning names to be on the look out for but we’ll see how all that plays out in the future.

In the meantime, Impact Wrestling is back with a (semi) live episode of Impact that sees the bubbly Allie take on Sienna! With a surprising win over Laurel Van Ness already under her belt, can Allie pick up another one against Maria Kanellis’ enforcer? Let’s find out!

We first find Maria backstage in a posh coat with Allie. Wait, what? Allie is still being referred to as Maria’s assistant? The First Lady of Professional Wrestling replays Allie’s victorious match over Laurel Van Ness from last month via mobile device. Allie watches on very proudly; as you should be Allie!

Once the clip ends, Maria taunts Allie a bit before instructing her to get some wrestling gear on for “something special planned“ in the ring.

Once we return from a quick break, we find the Lady Squad front and center of the six sided ring. Maria name drops her husband Mike Bennett, noting that it is their one year anniversary since debuting to TNA. With 2016 behind them, Maria is looking forward to what this new year will bring but before she can look ahead, a “little-bitty-teensy-tiny-squeaky” problem needs to be addressed.

You know the drill: Maria calls out Allie to join her, throws in some insults and places another challenge which Allie must overcome. However, unlike before, Allie has no hesitation and glad accepts!

Knockout commentator Madison Rayne has joined Josh Matthews and The Pope over at the announcers table as Sienna tries to intimidate Allie early on. Not so fast Sienna, Allie courageously corners Sienna with some fist of fury!

Sienna shoves Allie out the way and takes her down with a big boot to the face. She goes for the cover but Allie kicks to at two. Pinkies are up as Sienna whips Allie across the ring, taking aim for running attack. Allie dodges out the way and dashes in with a fast paced attack of her own!

Things continue to look up for Allie as her wrestling coach Braxton Sutter runs in to cheer Allie on. The support boosts Allie’s confidence, as she lands a running dropkick. At the same, Allie may overestimated her strength when attempting a body slam to Sienna, to which Sienna easily reverses to a Samoan Drop. Sienna goes for a leg drop next but misses.

Just when Allie seems to have regained control of the match, she gets caught off guard when she notices LVN interacting with Mr. Braxton. The small distraction is enough for Allie to lose focus and be taken down by Sienna via running forearm. Sienna goes for another pin but Allie continues to kick out!

Sienna takes it upon herself to spit in Allie’s face but Allie fires back with a slap across her opponent’s face! The Impact Zone is alive and HOT for Allie, who tries to get Sienna off her feet with running clotheslines and a cross body from the second rope!

The cherry on top (see what I did there) comes when Allie scoops up Sienna and slams her on the mat! Unfortunately another distraction from LVN on the outside ring distracts Allie, allowing Sienna to regroup to hit her Silencer and steal the win.

This night goes to the Lady Squad.

We are also treated to an appearance from the Knockouts Champion Rosemary, who puts Gregory Shane Helms in his place when he tries to interfere in The Decay‘s match against The Helms Dynasty. The Death Dealers would walk away with the win but appears to be on the verge of entering a new feud with The DCC.

Thoughts: Unlike last year’s 2016 kick-off live episode of Impact (or even the 2015 live kick-off episode that saw a returning Awesome Kong), this episode felt very safe. There wasn’t anything new or shocking that really took place for the Knockouts division.

Instead, we’re pretty much picking up where we left off with Allie’s ongoing saga against Maria – to which I thought was reaching its conclusion when Allie, at last, stood up for herself against Maria’s antics. I think this week’s match could have easily played out in the same format sans the backstage segment where Maria referred to Allie as her assistant again. That was my only real gripe, as I would like Allie to fully stand on her own.

On a positive note, I really enjoyed Allie’s match against Sienna. Maybe it was just seeing Impact after a long hiatus or Allie pulling out more moves or the very alive energy from the IZ, this match was fun to watch all while still telling a story of wanting to see Allie overcome the odds. It makes me hopeful that there are still plans for Allie to continue to “improve” as a wrestler once she moves on to a new feud.

As for the Knockouts Champion Rosemary, it looks like her boys are on being set for a face turn. But I wonder if this means Rosemary will turn down the line as well, considering how well the stable has been as heels and that all the trouble they’ve caused in 2016. As with anything, only time will tell.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? How do you think the rest of the year will play out for the Knockouts? Do you think The Decay will begin a face turn soon? Let us know in the comments below! 

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