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Impact Write-Up (June 14th, 2012): The Tessmacher Era Starts Off Strong, Plus Gail Goes on Vacation

Why hello there, and as always, welcome to your weekly dose of Impact recapping known as the Impact Write-Up. It’s the first week under the Tessmacher era, but will she do everything in her power to top the historic one she ended? We will have to find out, as tonight Miss Tessmacher squares off against Madison Rayne in a non-title bout. If that’s not enough for your Knockout needs, Brooke Hogan is also involved in a brief segment backstage with the former champion, Gail Kim, in which she books a match for Open Fight Night next week, AND in the process delivers some news regarding Kim’s rematch clause. Alright, I’ll shut up now so we can get started!

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We are taken to a video package that highlights Miss Tessmacher’s big Knockouts Title win Sunday at Slammiversary. The clip seems to get cut off rather quickly and transition into the pan up Christy Hemme shot of the week (I’m sure Taz had something to do with this). The music of our Killer Queen hits, and out walks Madison from the back both pointing and waving to her wonderful fans. From there, she’s interrupted by the addicting theme song of our NEW Knockouts Champ, Miss Tessmacher. Brooke slides onto the ring apron and removes her new t-shirt, before throwing it on the camera lens and posing with her title until the match kicks off with the bell ringing.

Quick lock up, as Madison and Brooke exchange side headlocks. Tessmacher with a nice takedown into an arm drag and a dropkick! Drop toe hold follows up, with Tessmacher applying a headlock until Madison backs her into a corner. Brooke with a boot to the face, but Madison then slides her onto the second rope and drops her head first to the canvas. Madison proceeds to send Tessmacher into the opposing corner and choke her out a little, before scoring with a running hip to the stomach and a facebuster for a two count. The crowd gets behind Tessmacher, which helps her come back with a punch and a sick neckbreaker! Brooke dodges a punch and fires off some of her own.

She comes back with a series of clotheslines and a flying forearm, before hitting the corner faceplant for just a two count. Brooke then signals for the Tess Shocker, but Madison fights out and attempts the Rayne Drop! Brooke rolls through it once again though, and drops Rayne with a neckbreaker/eye of the hurricane type move for the quick win. She celebrates the victory with her title, as this match comes to a close.

We then pan to a backstage segment involving Brooke Hogan and Gail Kim. Brooke thanks Gail for coming to meet her, stating that she wants to book a fatal four way next week for the Knockouts Title on Open Fight Night. Gail does not seem to like this idea very much, claiming that she’s the most dominant woman in the company and it should only be HER getting the Knockouts Title shot. Brooke agrees with her, but since she knows how Gail feels about it, there’s no reason to include her in the match next week. Kim cuts her off and offers to catch her up to speed, saying she has a rematch clause in her contract, and thus doesn’t need Brooke’s help. Brooke states that while that’s true, Gail fails to realize that the rematch happens when Brooke decides it will happen. Since Gail isn’t booked for Open Fight Night, nor does she have the title, Brooke grants her a vacation and heads off, leaving Kim an angered ninja!

Thoughts: I felt like the match was kind of rushed, yet still enjoyable. I really hope TNA put some effort into Brooke’s reign as Knockouts Champion. The moves were good and I think Brooke and Madison flowed well together throughout. I also have to say I’m kind of glad to see Tessmacher has switched to a new finisher because not many of the girls seemed to be able to take her Tess Shocker very well outside of Gail. It was at least good to see the champion spotlighted on the first show since her win, but I hope we get to hear her cut promos and compete in longer matches during future episodes. I’m not going to write anything off in just the first week though, so we’ll see how it goes.

The segment was fun, and I’m really glad it happened. Gail needs some time away from the division so that she can return fresh, and so the other girls can get some shine as well. I would love to see Brooke feud with Angelina, Winter, Sarita and Rosita, which I think would be good for her. One thing I have to say though is that I hope the four way next week isn’t a mirror image of the one we saw last week. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the match but giving the same thing away twice, especially so close together, seems a bit redundant. I would kind of like to see it involve Tessmacher, Velvet, Angelina, and Winter, with there being a backstage segment between Brooke Hogan and Mickie James to maybe add towards James’ impending heel turn.

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