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Impact Write-Up (June 17th, 2015): The Dollhouse’s Loss is Brooke and Kong’s Gain

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Write-Up! We’ve at least reached the final taped episode leading up to next week’s (not actually) live episode of Impact. With Slammiversary slowly approaching us, you would think there would be a clear direction as to what the Knockouts matches on the card would be but it would seem that last minute change of plans took that away. Sigh, you still have ONE more week to figure it out TNA so please try to figure out what exactly your priorities are.

Refocusing back to the present, there’s a lot at stake in this week’s big Knockouts tag team match between the team of Awesome Kong and Brooke against Dollhouse members Jade and Marti Bell. To tell us more, let’s head backstage to the Pillow Talk room where Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell lays down the house rules:

Before we continue, I would just like to send out a big congratulations to Taryn on officially becoming the longest reigning Knockouts champion, dethroning the milestone previously held by Gail Kim. You’ve earned it Taryn! The Dollhouse headmaster claims to be the fairest woman of them all and will prove it through this Knockouts tag team match. She proposes the idea of awarding both Brooke and Awesome Kong a title match if they can beat the Dollhouse. However, there’s a catch, should they be defeated by the Dollhouse, neither of them will be able to challenge Taryn for her title EVER AGAIN!!! A classic game of Double or Nothing.

Before we head in our Knockouts match, TNA surprises the viewing audience with a wicked fire promo. It opens with “The world is burning” caption appearing and follows up in talks of times. A voice speaks of seconds that pass by and concluding that for the wicked, “Playtime is over”. Hmm…. Should the Dollhouse begin to worry about an outside force heading their direction?

It’s time for our “Double or Nothing” Knockouts tag team match of the night. Out first are the Dollhouse, who are accompanied by Knockouts champion Taryn, who is more than likely at ringside to assure her Dolls manage to pick up the win.

From their opposing team, Brooke makes her entrance first but before she can even make it to the ring, Jade and Marti quickly go for the attack, double teaming her as much as they can before her partner Awesome Kong comes out. When Kong does come out, she wastes no time on evening up the score, taking Jade down with a shoulder block as she goes for a charging attack and getting a hold of Marti when she continued to keep her attacks to Brooke coming.

Still, the numbers proved to be in the Dollhouse’s favor as Taryn surprises Kong with an attack from behind. The surprise attack is of little help as Kong brushes it off causing Taryn to flee back to her side of the ring. There is chaos all outside of the ring and as Earl Hebner tries to gain some order for this match, Kong tosses Jade into the ring allowing for the bell to ring and official start the match.

Kong continues her dominance over the Dollhouse, whipping Jade to the ropes and taking her down with the use of her body weight, doing the same to Marti as she tries to make the save. Brooke extends her hand for a tag and when the tag is made, Brooke keeps the ball rolling for her team, keeping Marti down with a clothesline and landing a one person flapjack to Jade. Taryn is not happy and decides to climb to the ring apron for some heated words to Brooke but Taryn gets more than she asks for as Brooke gets in the champs face and grabs a handful of her hair.

This little distraction allows for Jade to get back in the match when she lands an elbow strike to Brooke from behind. Jade follows up by throwing Brooke by the hair to the corner closer to Marti where a tag is made. The Impact Zone begins to gently start a “Let’s go Brooke!” chant as Marti picks up where Jade left off, tossing Brooke onto the mat with a hair pull. The dirty tactics continue when Marti places Brooke to the second rope and chokes her after running the ropes.

The referee count for a DQ causes for Marti to break her illegal hold but soon a new idea is planted. Marti would trap Brooke’s arms to the top ropes and make a tag to Jade for double the hair pulling and double the back stretch pain. The now legal Jade takes control of the match, keeping Brooke as far away from Kong’s corner as she can through various kicks and a boot to the face when places in the corner of a turnbuckle.

Jades toys with Kong, twirling her pigtails before continuing the attack to Brooke with a running cannonball. Jade goes for the cover but Brooke kicks out. Instead of going straight for another pin, Jade decides to choke Brooke to wear her down some more.

After Jade goes for a second pin cover, Brooke kicks out and gods her way to back to her feet to build some momentum. She lands numerous forearms to Jade and even manages to avoid a dropkick when she hangs on to the ropes after being whipped to the ring. Unfortunately, they were ropes closer to Marti’s side of the ring and she takes Brooke down from behind with a kick from the outside. The interference allows Jade to make the tag to Marti who straddles on top of Brooke and fires fist after fist to Brooke.

Earl Hebner begins another count for a DQ but Marti stops in time and even yells back at the ref. Brooke desperately needs to make a tag but Marti only mocks her before bringing back Brooke to Jade’s corner where another tag is made. Through the tag, Jade lands a suplex, laughing at Brooke upon seeing her in pain.

Jade goes for the pin but only gets a two count when Brooke gets her shoulder up before three. Frustrated, Jade goes another immediate pin but again falls short of three. Still relying on her strength, Jade power slams Brooke onto the mat. With Brooke down, Jade takes a chance at connecting a lionsault but misses when Brooke rolls out the way.

A stalemate is reached and suddenly both Brooke and Jade are slowly trying to make their ways to their respective tag partners. In traditional hot tag fashion, the babyface, Kong takes down Marti with a clothesline when both of them are tagged in.

Kong scoops up Marti soon afterwards, looking to put her Away with an Implant Buster but Jade manages to make the save with an oncoming dropkick. The Dollhouse assemble quickly after Kong is thrown off her game. They try to lift Kong with a double suplex but it goes nowhere as easily reverses it with her own suplex.

Brooke helps Kong clear the ring of Jade by hitting a spear to Jade and sending her out the ring. On the inside, Marti climbs the second rope in the hopes of landing a high flying attack to Kong but Kong catches her upon landing and hits a chokeslam. One final tag is made to Brooke and great teamwork earns Brooke and Kong a win when Brooke lands an elevated elbow drop to Marti after flying off of Kong’s shoulders. The win over the Dollhouse now grants Brooke and Awesome Kong a title shot come the July 7th edition of Impact!

Thoughts: A very fun and refreshing tag match.

After dominating much of the division since their formation, it would appear that the Dollhouse are now finding themselves in a more vulnerable position as more Knockouts are coming together to take them on.

Given the stipulation prior to the match, I do think it was a bit too obvious as to who would come out victorious in this match. Still, it was a nice relief to see that more time was given to the match as there had been a shortage amount of time within the Knockouts in recent weeks.

Jade and Marti have already proven they work well and symmetrical together as a tag team but I must say I did love seeing both Brooke and Kong work so well with each other. The finish to this match was something different from a classic hit a finisher contest.

Though they were alliances this week, it will be a different story come July 7th, when Kong and Brooke face off against each other as foes with Taryn inserted in the picture as well. I am very exited to see all three women in one match, as each would provide something different to a match where any one of them can walk out with the belt. My ONLY gripe about the the match is that it’s happening on July 7th instead of the actual Slammiversary event!

Let’s be honest, what the hell is the point of Slammiversary anymore? Spoilers will be out as to who won this title match BEFORE the PPV, it is being held in the Impact Zone and there is still no clear picture as to what/if there will be a Knockouts match; though Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky seems likely. I just can’t imagine a majority of fans willing to pay for a half-assed PPV and to me, it sets a tone as to where the company are at the moment. Insert angry “We were rooting for you!” Tyra Banks gif here! I say we induct Gail Kim to the TNA HOF this year to help fans get behind this PPV event.

Before closing, I do want to say that I was completely surprised by the “Playtime is over” promo we saw last night! There are so many questions now raised: Could this be Havok returning? A new Knockout debuting? A former Knockout returning with a new gimmick/agenda? When and how will she debut?

TNA still has one more chance to deliver next week before the big Slammiversary show. With it being (an almost) live event, anything is possible!

Until then, hasta luego Knockout fans!

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