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Impact Write-Up (June 24th, 2010): Bowling for Beautiful People

Please Note: Due to problems with her computer, Cryssi will be away for a few weeks. In the meantime, please welcome Diva Dirt reader JenniferL134 who will be filling in.

Last week, Angelina Love declared her mission: to demolish The Beautiful People and regain “her” Knockouts Title at Victory Road. She said she would take out TBP one person at a time. She did so, starting with Lacey Von Erich, planting her head into a steel chair at the end of last week’s match. It may have gotten Love disqualified, but she couldn’t have cared less. The camera caught her saying, “One down… two to go.” The next person to feel her wrath is her former BFF, Velvet Sky. Will Vel-Vel come out victorious or will the Love Express roll over her? Watch below…

Skip to 04:40

We catch Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky in a restroom, Madison primping her hair (which has some prominent black streaks in it, like Velvet’s) in the mirror while we see Vel in the background, head down, very somber look on her face. (A public restroom? For shame ladies! I would’ve thought TBP had their own private, sparkling bathroom. I am aghast!) Madison talks about Lacey being in the hospital: “At least she’s used to lying on her back!” She laughs but notices Velvet didn’t respond. She turns and puts a hand on Vel’s face, forcing it upwards, asking if she was paying attention since she made “a funny!” Velvet takes Madison’s hand and removes it rather forcefully. At that point, Rayne tells Sky to get her head in the game because Angelina’s coming to take back what she thinks is rightfully hers. Velvet doesn’t reply; instead, she just stares at Madison and then walks away.

Part two of the match after the cut:

It isn’t often that I’ve seen Velvet looking so grim (in fact, I don’t think I ever have). She does a great job of portraying just how serious she’s taking Angelina. We cut to the ring and out comes Angelina Love first. Next out is Velvet Sky and she’s not bothering with her usual entrance dance. No, she pauses, holding her Knockouts Tag Title, with an ultra-serious look on her face. She slowly makes her way to the ring but once in goes on the attack, nailing Angelina with a hard arm to the back. Velvet kicks Angelina’s ass (literally!) and Angelina falls to the outside.

Vel gets too close to the ropes, allowing Angelina to pull her out and knock her to the ground. Angel backs up then, as Velvet gets up, nails V with a nice spear. The ref’s calling for them to get back into the ring, but Angelina goes to shove Velvet into the ring steps. Vel manages to push Angel into the steps, causing Love to hit them legs first and flip over them! Ouch – no love lost between these two obviously. Love takes a shove into the guardrail, and then Sky shoves her into the ring. She goes for a pin but a kick out by Angelina. Vel-Vel climbs onto Angel, bombarding her with fists before taking her head and driving it into the mat. The ref forces Vel off. Both women are up and Velvet nails Love with a kick to the mid-section. Whilst Angelina is doubled over, Sky goes behind her and grabs each of Angelina’s wrists, crossing them over Angel’s chest. She hits the Skyliner, a sit down split that pulls Angelina down onto her back hard. I don’t think I’ve seen this finisher from Velvet – short, sweet and effective! Instead of going for a cover, however, Velvet takes the time to trash talk Angelina. Not a very wise move. She raises Angel up, getting her into position for another Skyliner but Love reverses it and nails Vel with a clothesline! As both women get back up, Angelina catches her with a big boot and down goes Velvet once again! A close up of Love’s face shows a very nasty, devious look. We’ve seen this before…

Angelina slides out of the ring and sends SoCal Val scurrying for cover. Angel grabs the chair and gets back into the ring, slamming it down. The ref (oddly enough) makes no move to try and get it out of the ring, just warns Angelina to not use it. Oh referee, you silly goose! Love hits the Botox Injection then positions the chair in the ring. She grabs Velvet but Vel gets in a rake to the eyes and grabs her legs, maybe attempting to sling-shot her into the ropes, but Angelina ends up slamming down just short of the ropes, onto her face. It might’ve been a botch, but it still looked sick and effective as all get out. Velvet spies the chair for the first time and gets a very evil look on her face. She’s going to turn the tables and use the chair on our heroine! Sky grabs Love and positions her over the chair, looking extremely smug. She’s going for a DDT but lo and behold, Angelina reverses and plants Velvet head-first into the chair! The referee calls for a disqualification, naming Velvet Sky as the winner of the match, but she doesn’t look like a winner. She lies motionless as we see Angelina Love standing over her triumphantly. She holds up one finger, saying, “One more.”

Speaking of the “one more” in question, out comes Madison Rayne, holding her title belt. She stands on the ramp, yelling at Angelina, “You aren’t getting it back!” Angel sits on the middle rope, beckoning Madison to step into the ring with her. Rayne declines, instead touching up her hair using the belt as a mirror. She then backs away, holding the belt high.

Two down, one to go certainly sums things up. Angelina has decimated Madison’s troops, leaving only the champion to fend for herself. Victory Road is on July 11th – the question is will Madison get there in one piece? Or will she find a way to keep Angelina at bay until the inevitable show down? This feud has picked up nicely where it left off, due to Angelina’s injury. It feels like a tangible vendetta between the champion and the challenger. What will TNA do to fill the gap and keep the suspense high between now and Victory Road? Perhaps Madison can hire a bodyguard, utilizing one of the women that are on the sidelines at the moment. Or perhaps TNA will let this storyline slide until the last moment. With TNA, it’s a crapshoot. Either way, let’s hope the momentum for this matchup will continue to build, leading to a satisfying bout at Victory Road. These ladies are at the forefront of TNA’s women’s division at the moment after all. It might be naive of me to say this but I’ll say it anyways: don’t let us down, TNA!

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