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Impact Write-Up (June 26th, 2014): Taryn Makes a Fine Return to Form

What’s up Knockout fans?

Last night, the returning Taryn Terrell teamed up with her former nemesis, Gail Kim, and together they took on The Beautiful People. Dixie Carter also regained full control of wrestling operations from MVP, or so she thought. Let’s kick things off with the President first, shall we? (Not Obama, calm yourselves.)

Dixie says she lost control of operations in the first place because she put her faith in people. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray both let her down, and MVP – who was the so-called saviour of TNA and beloved by the fans at first – didn’t do any better. Dixie goes on to say that tonight is about her regaining full control of the business, and for all the fans that love her so much (umm, sure?), the new Dixie 2.0 is going to be so much better. She’s going to give them what they want in wrestling, and she KNOWS that’s a whole load more of her! (Umm, no.)

Yo, Rockstar Spud is stealing the show for me yet again. That suit though. Looks like a rainbow died on him.

Dixie welcomes the Board of Directors’ representative out to the ring. No idea who this guy is – let’s call him Bill. Bill makes his way out and mentions that he thinks there’s been a misunderstanding, and Spud can’t handle his drink. Turns out Dixie is NOT regaining full control. Dixie goes off on one.

“You are crazy! You are horrible!”

She throws her drink in Bill’s face.

“This is my ring! I own these people!”

You know, I don’t even need to say anything here. Dixie speaks for herself. Literally.

“I own everything in here! Nobody’s gonna tell me that I am not in complete control! Over my dead body!'”

Cue Bully Ray. Dixie cowers in the corner behind Spud, who – let’s face it – is not exactly the blueprint of a tough human shield. (Sidenote: apparently Velvet Sky is dating Bully Ray? As our very own lovely Katelyn put it; Bully over Sabin? Velvet gurl plz. Atrocious. Mhm. That about sums it up.)

The crowd calls for tables, naturally, as we’re reminded that Bully is the latest inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame. Can we please stop pretending that means anything? Bully politely informs Dixie of what’s going to happen (i.e. he plans on putting her through a table) but she begs him to listen to her, before offering him money. It doesn’t really seem to take, and Bully less than politely declines. EC3 tries to intervene on his aunt’s behalf, but Bully gets the best of him. Spud has a go too, but is met by the big boot to the face that Bully promised.

Dixie’s all alone and defenseless.

Bully has her up on his shoulder, ready to send her to hell (DRAMAAAA), when Spud takes the table out of the equation and EC3 drags his aunt to safety.

This isn’t over.

Elsewhere on the show, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky defended the good name of the Beautiful People as they took on Taryn and Gail. Super stoked to see Taryn’s return match guys…

…but unfortunately the ONLY video I can find of it is from the official TNA YouTube channel, and so it’s not the whole match! Super sorry, but we soldier on!

We cut in as Velvet Sky appears to have the upper hand on Taryn, but Taryn’s fighting back. She charges at Velvet off the ropes as the commentators mention the possibility of ring rust on Taryn’s part, which I’m sure is a genuine concern to her fans. Personally, I’m not too worried. Obviously she’s not going to be at the top of her game, but we’ve seen what she’s capable of so let’s give her time. She just had a baby for Christ’s sake. It a bloody difficult thing to do, and she looks fantastic.

Velvet counters Taryn with a kick to the gut, a kick to the head and a running neckbreaker. It earns her a two count over Taryn. Gail’s itching to get in the ring, and judging by what Tazz and the other guy (let’s call him Bob) are saying, she hasn’t been in yet. Taryn’s taken a lot of punishment.

And Velvet just feeds her some more. Taryn powers out and the two women collide, leaving them both on the mat.

Angelina gets the tag first, and then Gail comes charging in at the Knockouts champion. Gail really takes it to Angelina, beating her into the corner and then nailing a sunset flip pin attempt. It earns her a two count. She follows up with a neckbreaker now, but Velvet makes the save for the Beautiful People. As Velvet helps her BFF to her feet, Taryn is scaling the turnbuckle.

She hits a crossbody and takes them both out, before the tide turns back to Gail and Angelina.

Quick as a cat, Gail hits the Eat Defeat (which I think is in my top 5 favourite finishers) and gets the pin over the Knockouts champion. Gail is all smiles heading into next week.

Thoughts: It’s a shame about the video, really. I’ve been looking for aaaaaages and just cannot find a better one, so once again I’m sorry about that. As for what we did see, there wasn’t really enough to judge Taryn’s first performance back. Her crossbody could have been better, but she looks to be in great shape, considering everything. I’m looking forward to her inevitable third clash with Gail Kim, and for when she inevitably chases the KO title. For now, she did fine.

Gail looks strong moving forward against Angelina, and I’m sure this feud is far from over.

Dixie is sooooo going through a table soon. It’s going be epic.

Until next week – ciao!

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