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Impact Write-Up (March 13th, 2015): Battle of the Exes

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up coming to you from the final destination of TNA’s UK Tour in London, England. It was a night full of sentiments and broken relationships. From the grudge Last Man Standing match between former Team Canada members and long time friends Bobby Roode and Eric Young to the bloody Hair vs. Hair match between Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud that would serve as the conclusion to their long lasting feud. For the Knockouts this week, Brooke is scheduled to face her ex-boyfriend Robbie E in an intergender match, while Mickie James finds herself tangled in the battle between ex-childhood pals Magnus and Bram.

As he prepares himself for his upcoming match, Magnus is joined backstage by his fiancé Mickie James, who reminds him of the precautions the doctors have given him regarding his neck and head. While Magnus is aware of his doctor’s safety measures, he feels no need to waste any time to try and get his hands on Bram. Mickie James promises to be with him at ringside but Magnus is having none of this. He wants Mickie to stay safe and requests that she be with him in spirit from backstage.

Magnus’s guidelines to Mickie are short lived, as halfway through Magnus’s match against the distorted Bram, Mickie would make her way to the ring to support Magnus from the outside ring. With his wife-to-be at ringside, Magnus finds inner strength to combat Bram but Bram looks for an easy escape to the match and does so when he low blows Magnus, causing the referee to end the match via disqualification.

The match may have ended but it doesn’t stop Bram from seeking to do more harm. He grabs a chair from the outside and begins to beat Magnus down with it, all in front of Mickie who can only watch close by as she is being held back by Brian Hebner.

Things take an ugly turn when Bram finds a cable tie fastener and straps Magnus to the ropes. Cue ball in hand, Bram looks to repeat his destructive actions as he did that night in New York City but is setback when Mickie enters the ring and uses her body as a human shield to protect Magnus. Mickie pleads with Bram to leave Magnus alone. Bram decideds to turn his focus from Magnus and onto Mickie instead, pulling her off Magnus by grabbing her by the hair infuriating Magnus in the process.

Mickie breaks from Bram’s grip, lands a good slap to him before attempting to run away. Mickie doesn’t get far as Bram gets a hold of Mickie with a headlock as he calls for a microphone. Mic at hand, Bram begins to haggle with Magnus, promising to do no harm to the mother of his child at the request of Magnus kissing his wrestling boot. Mickie utters for Magnus to not follow through with Bram’s desire and reaches for his extended hand. With his limited options, Magnus decides to give in to Bram and reluctantly puckers up to his boot, allowing Bram to let Mickie go safely but at the cost of humiliating him in the process.

From broken friendships to the broken love relationships, we move on to the Battle of the Exes match of the night where the former lovers and The Amazing Race partners will at last be able to settle their differences in a one on one intergender match. For such a grand match, Robbie’s loyal BroMans partner DJ Z provides an introduction the only way he can, by highlighting the New Jersey native as an undefeated star against his series of battles with Brooke. As we get “ready to Robbie”, Robbie makes his way to the ring being accompanied, as always, by his other BroMans partner Jessie Godderz and Angelina Love.

As Brooke makes her entrance next, Robbie is preparing himself in the ring, drinking a bottle of water and hearing words of encouragement from his clique as he sits in a bench provided by Jessie.

The bell ring and Brooke wastes little time going after Robbie, who manages duck and cover from Brooke’s early attacks. All that escaping seems to be tiresome for Robbie as he decides to take a quick break by having a seat at a corner of the ring, recollecting his focus and repolishing his hair before having another go at this match.

Unofficial round two commences with Robbie tossing Brooke across the ring, which infuses full delight for Robbie, who dashes around the ring with cartwheels in between before taking another break during this match to towel off for his efforts in bettering over Brooke.

Back in the center of the ring for the third time, Brooke and Robbie begin a test of might, with Robbie overpowering Brooke before sending her off to the ropes. After some evasive dodging, Brooke manages to at last get some offense onto Robbie with chops to his chest. It is now Brooke’s turn for a break from this match and she does so by sitting in the very same seat as Robbie and cools off by using the water spray bottle provided.

From the outside ring, Angelina climbs to the ring apron and distracts Brooke to allow Robbie to get a sneakily pull Brooke’s hair and toss her down on the mat. After landing a hard suplex to Brooke, Robbie decides to climb the second rope to go for a high flying elbow drop but isn’t able to connect when Brooke is able to roll out of the way.

With Brooke seemingly in control of the match, Angelina tries to interfere from the outside yet again but gets taken down out when Brooke lands a springboard cross body. Brooke goes for another cross body, this time from the turnbuckle and onto Robbie but he manages to catch her mid flight.

Now it is the other BroMan members who interfere in this match, with DJ Z distracting the referee as Jessie enters the ring looking to hit a dropkick on to Brooke as Robbie holds her off. Lucky for Brooke, she manages to free herself from Robbie before Jessie’s dropkick connects to her and instead hits Robbie. Brooke shoves Jessie out the way, goes for a jackknife pin to Robbie and successfully gets the three count, giving Brooke the last laugh of the night and giving Robbie the dissatisfaction of losing to a girl.

Thoughts: We a take a break from the main title picture this week to see
As always, I really liked Mickie’s involvement in the Bram/Magnus feud. I think her presence has really made this feud between Bram and Magnus much more personal. I think she continued to show her courageous characteristics by putting herself in the known danger that was present. You could also feel the emotions being drawn from Magnus willing to do everything to keep Mickie safe, even if it mean him humiliating himself. I don’t see things ending between these three just yet.

The intergender match between Robbie and Brooke was hardly a real match, in my opinion. There were just too many breaks in between for my liking and I was expecting a bit more of action between Robbie and Brooke given the back and forth exchanges the two have been delivering to one another. Still, it was nice to see Brooke managing to hold her own even with the numbers externally against her, with the crowd was fully behind Brooke the entire time. Overall, this Brooke and Robbie feud has reached its plateau already so I hope that this will be the last of their competition with one another, allowing Brooke to once again be fully part of the Knockouts division and Robbie continuing to be Robbie.

We wrap up TNA’s UK tour next week before returning back to the Impact Zone (excited yet?) so you don’t want to miss that!

Until then, hasta luego Knockout fans!

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