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Impact Write-Up (March 8th, 2012): Controversy May Create Cash, But it Also Creates Friction Between Madison & Gail

Welcome to another one of your shining Impact Write-Ups!~ Like every week, which I’m sure you know by now, I haven’t seen the show as it airs on television, therefore I’m not sure what took place and you will get my LIVE reaction. This can be good, or it can be bad, but judging from the announced match-up the latter is more likely. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, supposed “BFFs” will team up to defend their Tag Team Titles against the team of ODB and ODB’s partner. Will the friends keep their titles intact? Or will ODB and ODB’s partner wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day by claiming the red straps for themselves? Let’s find out…

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Out to the ring area we go for the entrance of ODB and ODB’s partner, as they make their way out to the squared circle. Up next comes the STILL addictive theme of Gail Kim, with both she and Madison walking out in some red style gear to match their Tag Title straps. Creepy Earl Hebner then raises the belts up high as the bell rings. ODB’s partner does his routine, as something I care about far more pops onto the screen and that’s Dixie Carter! Follow her!

Gail shoves ODB’s partner back, and this brings the feisty ODB in herself. She catches a boot from the Knockouts Champ and ends up clotheslining her to the canvas! From there, ODB sends Gail into the corner and runs forward with a huge splash. ODB preps herself for take off, and then completes the Bronco Buster! Gail kicks her back, before connecting with an elbow. She ascends to the second rope, but ODB simply picks her up and drops her with the Fallaway Slam into a kip up!

Gail then tosses ODB out of the ring and connects with an elbow to the back before tagging in Madison. Rayne takes the advantage over ODB with a boot to the throat, but ODB boots her in the stomach and connects with the Dirty Dozen into a Thesz Press for a near fall. Madison sends ODB off the ropes, but the challenger attacks both ladies until Gail is able to hit her arm cross neckbreaker off the ropes in a nice move. Rayne proceeds to toss Madison outside the ring where Gail Kim begins to dismantle her before sending her back in for a close call attempt by Madison. Tag back into Gail Kim, who works ODB over with a kick to the side before making the quick tag. The two send ODB into the corner and Irish Whip each other onto the challenger in a unique fashion. Gail slides outside the ring as ODB is then dropped with a nice facebuster by Madison for a two count.

Rayne runs off the ropes, but ODB proceeds to drill her with a spear to the abdomen. Both women now crawl to their corners, as Gail Kim and ODB’s partner get the tags in. Gail misses a splash and Madison runs into her as ODB’s partner then hits a double airplane spin. ODB’s partner goes for a pin, but Madison breaks it up and the two double clothesline ODB’s partner. From there, ODB takes both out with a clothesline of her own, then eliminating Madison Rayne from the ring. ODB tries to send Madison into the steps, but Rayne reverses it and grabs the Tag Team Title. Something weird is happening in the ring, but Madison puts an end to it as she hits ODB’s partner with the title and he falls on top of Gail in a very odd position for the win. After the match, ODB’s partner asks her to marry him. She takes the ring and instead drops down to one knee, asking ODB’s partner to marry her. He says yes and everyone is happy!

Also, check out a brief segment backstage where Velvet Sky is asked if she knows the whereabouts of Abyss’ brother:

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Thoughts: The main thing I’m going to say in regards to the Tag Title situation is that I’m happy for ODB. I’ve been a fan of hers since back in OVW and it’s nice to see her get some title recognition. I don’t have a problem with the gender of her partner as much as I do with who her partner is, but I can’t control it and magically make her dump him so it is what it is.

Gail and Madison looked good together and the match, when taken as an actual match, was really good. I’m excited for Madison and Gail’s feud to collide at Victory Road since the two have never really faced one another and I’m glad Impact Wrestling is not choosing to turn either woman face because that’s how it should be in all honesty.

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