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Impact Write-Up (May 15th, 2014): Gail Kim is Spoiling for a Fight

Hey guys! Chris here and I have returned from my absence. First of all, I must give a huge thanks to Bobby and Erin for filling in for the past two weeks for me. You see, it was well publicized on Social Media that I got into a high profile elevator attack with the lovely TNA President and my close personal friend, Dixie Carter. Luckily, I have recovered from this and have returned home, right here… to the Impact Write-Up! (Cheap pop!) Apparently I missed a whole lot of…interesting segments the last two weeks… so let’s get to it!

In the words of Diva Dirt’s own Jack, On to the video!

Obviously, the sound of the katana blades swinging could only mean one thing, we are graced with the presence of the only & only, Gail Kim! Now I know I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks, but apparently since I’ve been gone girls besides The Beautiful People have been allowed to speak! If you’ll excuse me for just a moment, I have to celebrate this moment with a reaction GIF:

Thank you, Zooey Deschanel. Now, Back to the promo. Gail says she’s not out here for a make-over or a Evening Gown match ( Loyal readers of the Impact Write-Up should be thankful I wasn’t around that week as my thoughts would have been about six pages long). Gail says she wants a fight and calls out Angelina Love & Velvet Sky! Mi Pi Sexy makes their entrance and Angelina has a microphone in hand. Angelina says that they accept Gail’s challenge and whilst Angelina & Velvet made their way towards the ring together, Miss Sky must have somehow levitated to the ring without anyone noticing because somehow she attacks Gail Kim from behind! And by gosh, we’ve got ourselves a wrestling match!

Velvet quickly takes control after the blindside attack, she maintains control to the point that she’s even able to slip the paper bag over the head of Gail, followed up by a low kick for a two count. Velvet locks in a sleeper but Kim is able to battle back by countering it into a sick looking Jawbreaker. But before Gail can gain any sort of momentum, Velvet nails a snap DDT for a incredibly close two-count! Angelina handles Velvet a mirror because presumably everyone needs to check their hair after a DDT. Didn’t Jake the Snake do it in the 80s? No? Okay. Velvet mocks Kim and looks like she’s about to finish her off for good, but she takes too much time and Gail is able to hit the Eat Defeat for the three count! Gail looks like she’s going to be able to celebrate her victory but she is quickly attacked by Angelina Love and the Knockouts Championship! Angelina stands over Gail to end the segment.

Thoughts: Obviously it’s been building for a couple weeks but I am SO glad they are going through with a full-fledged Gail Kim face turn. I’ve been hoping for it since late last summer and I am so happy that they are finally pulling the trigger on it. And apparently I’m not the only one either because Gail received a huge ovation during her entrance and the crowd was also very into her during the match itself. Gail and Angelina are probably the two biggest names in the history of the Knockouts division, so the build to Slammiversary basically writes itself. I’m actually really excited to see where this feud leads going into the next Pay-Per-View.

Finally, for all you Rebel fans she once again had a segment with The Menagerie. Check it out below:

That’s all for thi….Oh wait! I almost forgot about everyone’s favorite part of the show, the one & only Dixie Carter! This week the evil Bully Ray (best known for his role as the former Mr. Tessmacher, circa Summer-Winter 2013) targeted our lovely TNA President by invading her own personal home! How dare he! But all ended up being right because Dixie’s nephew, and my former NXT stepfather Ethan Carter III (or as I call him, ECII, because we’re tight like that) showed up in a adorable button-up shirt to save the day! I’m just gonna pretend Maxine dressed him to keep up my own personal hopes of a BetaMax reunion (not that those emotions haven’t been played with enough for one week!). Check out ECII saving the day for Aunt D below:

Now that I’ve set the record for most sidebars during one write-up, it’s time to say goodbye for the week. But don’t worry, until next week- Choo choo, darlins. And now, I leave you with our Aunt Dixie GIF of the week:

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