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Impact Write-Up (November 19th, 2014): Taryn Gets Her Golden Moment

Take a deep long breath Knockout fans. As we’ve already heard earlier this year, after some nine plus years as partners, TNA and Spike TV will be going their separate ways at the conclusion of 2014. Now, that isn’t to say that we won’t be getting our Knockouts fix in 2015 as we’ve also learned that TNA has found a new TV home in Destination America. All that being said, TNA’s final episode of new material (for now) on Spike ended on a very high note for the Knockouts with a big Triple Threat match for the Knockouts Championship! As per Kurt Angle last week, it would be the champion Havok defending her title against both Gail Kim and Taryn Terell; so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Before we begin this Triple Threat match, we are treated to a small video package that spotlights the challengers while also highlighting the kind of force Havok has been since arriving to TNA. Gail Kim looking for redemption after Havok’s ambush attack towards her, winning the title and injuring her in the process. For the underdog Taryn Terell, this match is about proving herself and doing whatever it takes to become a champion! Emotions begin to bloom as this three way collision gets underway!

Out first to make her way to the ring, with pure determination in her face, is Taryn and right behind her, with some bandages still in place, is Gail Kim. Havok’s dubstep music sooks fills the arena and the champion slowly approaches the ring where both Gail and Taryn await for her, slowly eyeing the champion who raises her title prize in the middle of the ring.

As soon as the bell rings, both Gail and Taryn waste little time getting the offense on their towering opponent. Havok halts this double team strategy by sending both of her smaller opponents to the corner back to back. She then targets Taryn but Gail quickly makes a save and soon the teamwork against Havok is in play again.

The champion regains control of this triple threat match when she takes out Gail by sending her to the ring post shoulder first and delivering a heavy spine buster to Taryn. Quickly back on her feet, Gail flys to Havok and locks in her Flying Dragon submission, slowly wearing down the monster heel to the ground. Amazingly, Taryn locks in a submission of her own on Havok’s lower body part.

After their submission locks are broken, Gail and Taryn eyes meet and instantly, both send Havok out the ring with a double kick. From the apron, Taryn flies to Havok only to be caught in mid air. Following Taryn’s pattern, Gail too flies from the ring and takes out both Taryn and Havok. All three women are down as we head out to a quick break.

When we return from our commercial break, Gail and Taryn are in the ring battling it out. Gail whips Taryn to the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Gail goes for a second round but misses, giving Taryn a chance at a pin fall roll up. Gail manages to kick out but it doesn’t stop Taryn from trying again with a backslide pin attempt that is only ends up being a two count.

With no success at a pin fall, Taryn begins her attack on Gail. Landing a series of clothesline, a kick to the gut and a snap neck breaker. Taryn runs the rope but gets her leg caught from the outside by Havok who is still in this match. From the outside, Havok positions Taryn over her shoulders electric chair style and drops Taryn face first on the guard rail, nearly breaking her!

Looking to repeat her actions on Gail, Havok places Gail over her shoulders as well but Gail manages to fight her way out of it. Instead, Gail is punished with spine buster from the outside at the hands of Havok. Fully indulged in the damage she’s caused, Havok throws both Gail and Taryn back into the ring where she positions them side by side near a corner. Climbing to the second rope of the turnbuckle, Havok hits a big splash to both of her grounded opponents and goes for a double pin fall but Gail manages to get her shoulder up in time.

The teamwork of Gail and Taryn gets back into play when the two begin to send Havok to the corner. They send her over the top rope where she lays as Gail climbs a turnbuckle and lands a leg drop flinging the champion to the outside. With Havok out, it soon becomes a battle between Gail and Taryn.

Back in the ring, Taryn hits Gail with a series of forearms and sends Gail to the ropes but Gail dodges Taryn’s attack. With Taryn at the corner, Gail glides across the ring, throwing all of her body on to Taryn. Gail then climbs the turnbuckle, looking for high fly attack but Taryn gets up on time to stop her. Just before Taryn is able to supperplex Gail from the top rope, in comes Havok who power bombs Taryn sending both her and Gail straight to the mat.

With Gail and Taryn down, Havok goes for a second splash from the second rope in this match but misses. Taking advantage of the situation, Taryn traps Havok with a toe hold as Gail lands a DDT. This is followed up by two flying cross bodies, one from Gail and another by Taryn! The sequence of attacks to Havok roll on as Gail Kim delivers an Eat Defeat and not far from behind, Taryn hits the Cutter! (We really need a new name for that finisher) After delivering all that onto Havok, Taryn quickly goes for a pin onto Havok but it is broken by Gail who goes for her own jackknife pin. Taryn reverses this with one last pin for the three count, giving Taryn the win for the title!

The referee raises Taryn’s hand and awards with the Knockouts title. Emotions of joy run through Taryn’s face as se clutches on to her new belt. Showing good sportsmanship, veteran Gail Kim shakes the newly crowned champion and congratulates her with a hug as Taryn embraces everything one more time.

Thoughts: Wow! All I have to say is that the Knockouts all delivered this week! I thought this was a fantastic contest by all three women. There was that classic underdog story telling along with an emotion driven element before, during and after the match!

Kudos to TNA for giving this kind of match a generous amount of time. The Knockouts certainly made the most of it inside and outside the ring. The chain sequence at the end really was brilliant and fast paced that really you wonder how things were going to end!

I have to admit, I wish Havok’s reign would’ve lasted a bit longer but I’m relieved to see that Havok wasn’t the one who was pinned in this match. It protects Havok’s status as still being this dominating force and one that can still feud with Taryn.

Taryn has come such a long way in her career and you can’t help feel good after seeing this match and how she reacted after getting winning pin. I look forward to seeing how reign as Knockouts will play out.

Now comes the aftermath: As mentioned already, this was the last of new episode (unless TNA rushes a set of tapings) of Impact this year meaning we will have to wait over a month before seeing exactly what is in store for Taryn and the of the Knockouts and Superstars. While this seem like a bit of a price to pay, we can at least be relieved to know TNA was able to secure a new TV deal with Destination America; a network that already is promoting the hell out of TNA once 2015 arrives. I wish them all the best of luck once the new year arrives.

So, with the most likely possibility of no more weekly Impact Write-Ups following this year, I’d like to just say thank you to all the positive feedback everyone has given me since being given the opportunity of doing these Write-Ups. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them and I’m absolutely grateful for the opportunity given to me.

Hasta mas mas luego Knockout fans!

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