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Impact Write-Up (October 20th, 2011): Champions Rise, Champions Fall, but Gail Kim’s Return Surprises Us All

I could start this TNA Recap in many ways. Possibly banter on about it being Friday like I was Rebecca Black? Or perhaps run to check and see if Miss Karen‘s eyes are healed from her vicious assault at Bound for Glory, or I could just get to the actual recap of this article. I’m sure nobody would like that first option, and while I would forever defend Miss Karen, I can not make it past TNA security…so let’s just go with option three. This week was Knockouts galore, as Tara and Brooke Tessmacher, collectively known as TNT, defend their Tag Team Titles against Winter and Angelina Love…AND Velvet Sky celebrated her first iMPACT Wrestling episode as Knockouts Champion, albeit a few surprising visitors interrupting.

Without any further ado…let us begin.

Up first, we have the illustrious TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles on the line, and with what I still dub the greatest entrance of either company, Winter and Angelina Love make their way to the ring. Up next, entering through the crowd on a revved up motorcycle comes our Tag Team Champions, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher! Sporting their “Save the Tata’s” finest, the duo attempt to pose on the ring apron until our haunting challengers attack them from behind. Poor Tara even ends up being flipped over the top rope! Angelina tosses Brooke inside the ring and tears the tata’s right off of her. She and Winter drag Tessmacher to the corner and begin pounding her with kicks left and right, clearly asserting their will to win back the titles they previously held.

Winter exits the ring, as Angelina carries Brooke to the center of and goes for a suplex…only the blonde bombshell didnt count on her opponent to counter it into a quick small package for a near fall. Both women get to a vertical base, but it is Angelina who capitalizes with a clothesline. She decks Brooke with an assortment of punches, until senior official, Earl Hebner, forces a break. The tag is in to my second god of TNA (I’m sure you all know Miss Karen reigns as the other), Winter! The two go for a double team irish whip, which sends Angelina toppling the tessmacher with a clothesline in the corner.

Winter lifts Brooke up and drops her with a sick backbreaker, covering for just a two count. A slam to the canvas, as the crowd starts up a “Tara” chant, in hopes to see the veteran get the tag. Ever the one to do exactly the opposite as the iMPACT zone beckons, Winter drags Tessmacher back to the opposing corner and slams her head on the turnbuckle. She uses her foot to choke the former secretary, before Angelina makes the tag. Love with a snapmare, followed by a nice elbow drop for a two count. Brooke stops whatever Angelina had in mind with a jawbreaker, as she inches closer and closer to Tara!

Angelina tries to stop her, but Brooke kicks her off. Tessmacher fights closer…and closer…but Angelina stops her again and lifts her over to the corner where she proceeds to bash Brooke’s head into it. Love goes for an Irish Whip, but Brooke reverses. Angelina leaps onto the second rope like she’s auditioning to be the next Catwoman and jumps off for a crossbody that Brooke manages to avoid. The crowd claps in support….can she….can she….YES! Tessmacher makes the tag to Tara, as Tessflockers everywhere rejoice in their idol getting to rest. Tara charges in and ducks a clothesline from Winter, all while nailing Angelina Love with a punch off the ring apron.

Tara turns her focus back to Winter, as she levels her with a few clotheslines, followed up with an Irish Whip into a third! She takes the tata’s shirt off and proceeds to choke-snapmare Winter with it in a measure of revenge for the team’s earlier actions. Tara lifts Winter up onto her shoulders, and judging by the “ooooaahhhhhhhhhhhh’s” in the crowd, this can only mean one thing! Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Tara hooks the leg, but Angelina Love breaks the pin up. The two try to double team the former Knockouts Champion with an Irish Whip, but Brooke Tessmacher makes the blind tag behind their backs.

Tara ducks their double team clothesline and comes back with one of her own to take both members down! Angelina is thrown out of the ring, as a dazed Winter turns right around into a crossbody of perfection from Brooke! One…Two…THREE! The ladies in pink retain their titles as we look at the Direct Auto Insurance Crossbody Replay.

Following a great Tag Team Title match, we open the next segment with a phenomenal Velvet Sky video package, highlighting her journey to becoming Knockouts Champion…and wait a second. Lacey Von Erich cameo! Anyways, once the video package concludes, we head to the arena as the pigeons begin to ruffle their feathers, and our Knockouts Champion makes her grand entrance to the crowd. As Velvet steps onto the ring apron, the feather ruffling pigeons are finally let loose! She then poses with the title and grabs a microphone.

Velvet starts off by saying how good it feels, and how proud she is, after finally capturing the TNA Knockouts Title. She transitions into how emotional her journey has been to getting the Championship, dealing with schoolyard bullying and constantly being told she was not good enough to amount to anything. She claims how it might have taken her four years to achieve her dream, but she did it! Velvet thanks the fans as they erupt in a “You Deserve It” chant…when, in a moment where I begin to experience a Jim Ross “Stone Cold, Stone Cold”-esque rush of adrenaline, it’s MISS KAREN! MISS KAREN!

Miss Karen and Traci Brooks make their way to the ring, as Traci politely holds the ropes open for our Knockouts VP. Miss Karen says she’s going to make one thing perfectly clear right now, and that’s that she is the VP of the females. She puts over her power in the company to fire both Traci and Velvet right on the spot if she wants to. The fans, obviously not aware the presence they are in, begin to boo Miss Karen, as Velvet Sky shows her support with them. Rightfully so, my idol, Miss Karen, tells her to SHUT HER MOUTH.

As every one of you should know, when Miss Karen is speaking, you’re listening. When she wants a glass of wine, you all ask red or white. When she wants her car pulled around to the front, you ask Mercedes or Lambourgini…but I digress. Back to the segment at hand, Miss Karen tells those women to stand there in silence and listen to her! She says that firing them would be way too easy and un-entertaining. Miss Karen can’t believe that Velvet came out here crying over that title. After all, she’s a mother and you dont see her crying over crap!

Perhaps the now former Aunt Traci is berated at by Miss Karen, stating that she is going to make her life a living hell. She questions if they think they’ve seen the mean side of Miss Karen Jarrett, proclaiming that they haven’t seen anything yet! Miss Karen beckons for security to come escort this “piece of trash” from the ring, as they soon (intelligently) follow Karen’s orders. Traci is taken to the back, as Miss Karen says that this is just the beginning of hell for her, and to get used to it. From there, iMPACT ruler, Miss Karen, turns her attention back to Velvet and tells her to shut her mouth.

Miss Karen says that Velvet WILL respect her, and that she doesn’t know who the Knockouts Champion thinks she is, or who she thinks shes screwing with. Velvet screams back that she knows who she is, as Miss Karen takes us on a Monday morning adventure in her life. (You all better be listening as closely as I am in hopes we can experience what it’s like to be as brilliant as she.) Miss Karen says that the first thing she did when she woke up was tell Jeff that she is stripping Velvet of her Championship. Jeff, in turn, told Miss Karen that it would be more fun to make Velvet suffer, and she agrees!

Miss Karen tells Velvet that she wants her to be put in her place, and she has just the person to do so. She warns Velvet that before what happens is about to take place, she’s going to give her a piece of advice. (How thoughtful) Miss Karen warns Velvet to keep a pair of eyes in the back of her head…hmmm. Just then, the Killer Queen, Madison Rayne, walks her way down the entrance ramp with her eloquent hand waving! Once Madison makes her way to the ring stairs, out of nowhere Velvet Sky is attacked from behind! Who is this mystery woman?! GAIL KIM!

Gail decks Velvet with some vicious punches, as Madison joins in and the two destroy our Knockouts Champion. She picks Velvet up by the head and taunts her, before slamming the champ back down to the canvas and leveling her with a punch. Miss Karen screams how this will teach Velvet to mess with her, as Gail chimes in, stating that Velvet is a joke to the division! Miss Karen asks Velvet if she’s going to cry again, as Gail and Madison celebrate with our VP! The trio raise their hands in victory and hug, as Velvet lays on the ring canvas in pain.

Thoughts: This is exactly why I want to cover TNA now, between the time given to them, as well as all the characters involved, it’s really making me thoroughly enjoying the division again. After tonight, I cant reiterate enough how glad I am to be doing this. The tag team match was awesome, especially loved how they had Angelina and Winter attack the Champs beforehand to gain the upper hand for most of the match before Tara made the save and capitalized. TNT are working great together, and Winter/Angelina Love never disappoint. Overall, this made for a feud that I’d love to see. Perhaps to make it even more interesting, put Sarita/Rosita in as well and make it a three way tag team feud.

Onto the segment, the video package was a great touch. I’m very happy Velvet Sky is the Champion in TNA, and doing extra stuff like that is exactly what makes me begin to like TNA more and more. They seem to really invest time into the division. Velvet’s stint on the microphone was perfect, and Miss Karen was her brilliant self as usual. It’s surreal to see Gail Kim back in TNA, and I can’t wait for her to return to in ring competition against a lot of new challengers since she was last there. I think the only women left are Traci, Velvet, and Angelina (Not sure on the whole ODB/Jackie situation). The segment was great, and overall proved for a great night of Knockouts action.

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