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Impact Write-Up (October 22nd, 2014): Brittany’s a Lover, Havok’s a Fighter

Hola Knockout fans! TNA has launched a new tag team tournament beginning this week (though we did just have the last tag team series a few weeks ago) but nevertheless we are treated to some surprising Knockouts action in between this tournament. It was announced earlier via Twitter that Rebel would be competing in her first singles competition against the one and only Angelina Love…. or so we think. Let’s see how the night went down.

As we launch to the start of this tag team tournament, we go backstage where we find Samuel Shaw gathering his thoughts on deciding who he will choose to partner up with for his upcoming tag team match. Strolling along the way is Brittany who ponders with Shaw on whether or not he will follow through with a prior conversation the two had; Brittany tells Shaw she’d really appreciate it if he went through with their plan. Hmm…

Shaw would later reveal that he has decided to team up with the man who has been almost like a brother to him in Gunner. The two take on the team of Low Ki and X-Division Champion Samoa Joe.

In the middle of this tag team competition, Brittany makes her way to the ring to deliver a “you know what to do” to Shaw. She pivots back and forth while hinting to Shaw to turn on his partner when he isn’t looking. A very suspicious Gunner instructs his partner to send his lovely admirer backstage but to no avail.

Seeing that Shaw is unresponsive to her orders, Brittany decides to take things into her own hands and pulls Gunner’s leg to distract him as he falls victim the the submission machine that is Samoa Joe. Shaw does nothing to help his partner this forcing Gunner to tap out and losing their match and advancement to the tag team tournament!

An angry Gunner then gets in Brittany’s face but Brittany holds her own and barks at Gunner to back off! From behind, Shaw attacks his now former tag team partner with a steel chair all while Brittany stands in admiration. Shaw and Brittany lock eyes and suddenly Brittany wraps her legs around Shaw and the two begin to have a VERY ambitious PDA session, going as far to rolling over a fallen Gunner before walking out together! So Shaw may have lost the tag match but at least he won the girl!

Onto our Knockouts match of the night, where Rebel is in the ring for an exciting singles debut against Angelina Lo… I mean… Knockouts Champion Havok? Just as confused as we are, the rookie Knockout asks Havok what she is doing only to get a clothesline as an answer! Havok follows up with a big leg drop onto Rebel and finishes off with a Harlot Slayer choke slam! I guess even champions like Havok don’t like taking nights off.

Havok’s night doesn’t end right away as a returning Gail Kim makes her way to the ring to bring a fight to Havok! Though still spotted wearing some bandages from her injury at the hands of Havok a few weeks ago, Gail lands a fury of punches only to be slammed down triggering her injured shoulder. Havok goes after Gail but Gail manages to lower the ropes to send Havok out the ring where the brawl continues!

Havok trades her punches for a big toss and sends Gail flying onto the ramp! Security and referees are brought to pull apart these women but they’re able to briefly escape to exchange a few more blows. As thins seemed to calm down, I found myself chanting with what the audience: “Let them fight!”

Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed Impact this week.

I am certainly all for the Brittany and Sam Shaw pairing. I think this keeps Brittany actively busy and refreshes her character vice-versa to Samuel Shaw. However, I do wonder if we’ll get an answer as to why Brittany wanted Shaw to turn on Gunner and if there is any motive or gain in the end? Certainly something to look out for.

Though I was really looking forward to seeing Rebel compete in her singles match, I think TNA may want to wait a tad bit more until Rebel gets more training under her belt before sending her in the ring on her own.

The swerve of Havok beating down Rebel was a surprise and made it that more enjoyable. With Gail Kim seemingly returning, it would appear that seeds are being planted for Gail Kim’s rematch clause for Havok’s title. Perhaps once Gail becomes “medically cleared”, we will get that rematch.

That wraps things up for this week Knockout fans! Hasta luego!

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