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Impact Write-Up (October 24th, 2013): Things Go Smoothly for Gail, but it’s a Bumpy Ride on the #DixieTrain

Hello Impact fans, and welcome! Last night we got a decent tag match and some development in the Dixie Carter/AJ Styles saga.

We kicked things off with Dixie heading to the ring, where she has set up a “Welcome back AJ Styles” extravaganza, complete with banners and merchandise, despite ordering all his merchandise being destroyed earlier in the week. She’s here to talk about AJ Styles. She may have made a ‘little biddy’ mistake recently, so her AJ extravaganza is her way of admitting that. But she doesn’t want to focus on the past; she’s all about the future. The future is a man who overcame all the odds at Bound For Glory, and she means ALL THE ODDS. She’s so proud to call him her World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd is absolutely hating on her, and it’s great! They’re chanting for Hogan at the same time, but I’m managing to block that out. I hope he doesn’t come back. Just me? (More on that later.)

She brings out AJ Styles, clapping and cheering for him as he makes his way to the ring. She has turned her attitude right around regarding the champ, and she’s determined to make it known. She let’s him know that she’s not expecting a thank you, or anything. Doesn’t he see? That last six weeks have all been about her motivating him to glory. Obviously. I don’t know how anyone could have possible misconstrued Dixie’s good intentions as being anything less than honorable. Look what the brilliance of Dixie Carter has done for AJ.

She’s given him a fancy, private dressing room with lobster and champagne. He doesn’t drink but she loves the stuff. She’s bought him the finest money can buy, and she’s picked it all out herself. How thoughtful! And she’s saved the best for last. Her piece de resistance! That means done deal in redneck, apparently. Woah, it’s a car. Anyone else getting de ja vu? Anywho… Dixie wants to know if AJ is ready for the pair of them to move forward. She wants him on #TeamDixie. She thinks the crowd agrees. They do not. AJ’s not buying it either. Shocker! AJ doesn’t want the special treatment. He doesn’t want to separate himself from the rest of the locker room, who helped build this company with him.

Dixie admits that she may have stepped out of line, just a little bit, and she’s sorry. She tells him he doesn’t have to face Bully Ray; in fact, they can both get on her private jet and get out of that Godforsaken town. If he promises they can move forward together, she will cancel his match against Bully Ray. On cue, here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion with the beautiful Brooke by his side. Things break down, Ken Anderson makes his presence felt and the ring clears. Somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Dixie tonight.

The Knockouts tag match is up next. We get a quick recap of Bound For Glory, including the revelation that Lei’D Tapa has been working for Gail Kim all along. She assisted Gail in defeating ODB and Brooke, and Gail left Bound For Glory as the new Knockouts champion.

Lei’D Tapa’s music hits first, and she appears on the ramp. The music switches to Gail Kim’s then, and the two make their way to the ring for the upcoming match. Coupling Gail’s talent and Tapa’s size and brutality, they do make quite the pair. Brooke heads out next, and I have to wonder just how much trust she’s going to put in her tag partner, given how things went down at Bound For Glory, and the sheer force of the powerbomb she suffered at the hands of Tapa. We shall see.

Velvet Sky is out first for her team, as the commentators recap how Chris Sabin used her to win the X Division title on Sunday. She’s all smiles though. I’m sure they’ve put it behind them. Here comes ODB! The former champ is fired up and all ready to go. ODB starts things off for her team, meanwhile Gail and Brooke are too busy arguing who will start for theirs! ODB takes matters into her own hands and pulls Brooke into the ring. She’s not messing around tonight. ODB dominates Brooke with a shoulder block and an Irish whip into the corner. She follows up with a big bronco buster, and Brooke gets herself out of there. She’s refusing to get back in, despite Gail shouting at her. ODB grabs Gail by the hair, but Tapa saves her buddy and Brooke yanks ODB out onto the floor. It sounds like it hurt a lot.

Brooke throws ODB back into the ring and tags in Gail. She literally kicks ODB while she’s down. ODB tries t fight back but Gail drags her to her and Brooke’s corner. Brooke is tagged in. A little bit of team work from Gail and Brooke, and Brooke is in control. Brooke tries for a face buster off the ropes, but ODB counters and throws her to the mat. Both Knockouts are down as Velvet tries to get the crowd behind ODB.

It’s a hot tag on both ends, and Velvet comes in with all guns blazing. She hits some clotheslines, an elbow and a beautiful head scissors, leaving Gail Kim scrambling to get back into the match. Velvet hits a running neck breaker and gets a two count after Brooke interrupts her pin attempt. ODB takes out Brooke with a spear and they roll out to the floor. Gail Kim is on the outside too, but only to distract the referee with a steel chair. Tapa’s in the ring and she absolutely NAILS Velvet with a big boot to the face. Gail makes the pin and she and Brooke steal the win!

We cut to Dixie backstage, and she’s on the phone to what sounds like a lawyer. Her assistant is quick to shut the door to the cameras though, so whatever is going on, it’s super secretive!

Brooke was back out at ringside to support her man, Bully Ray, as he looked to reclaim the heavyweight title from AJ.

I just want to remark on the brawl between Anderson and Bully for a second. There were security guards there, but they were just watching them fight. Dixie, I think you need to re-evaluate who you’ve got looking after your talent. Meanwhile, poor Brooke is screaming for Anderson to leave Bully alone!

We cut to Dixie on the tron, and she’s holding onto AJ Styles’ contract. She says they’ve got her attention now. She’s on her way to the ring and she warns AJ not to leave. When in the ring, she tells AJ that she has spent all night long speaking to her attorneys, and she now has a contract for him. It’s full of anything he could ever want, with more 0’s than he has ever seen, and because she’s so sweet she’s going to give him the car anyway as a signing bonus.

She wants him in TNA. She wants him to sign the contract, to put the whole mess behind them and move forward together. AJ calls her a horrible human being, and she looks mighty offended by it. He says she uses people to pad her bank account, that she uses the blood sweat and tears of every man and woman that has stepped into the ring to pay for her lifestyle. He says no thanks, rips the contract, wipes it on his butt and throws it down in the middle of the ring. AJ is taking the title from her. She warns him that it’s not his to take, but he’s not listening. In fact, he takes the keys and drives off in the car she bought him.

Weeeeell. Not a bad Impact. I would have liked a promo, maybe a quick interview with Gail and Tapa about why Tapa is working with Gail, and not taking the division by herself because, let’s face it, she could. But the match was good, if a little short. The crowd was into it, especially ODB and Velvet, so that always helps. The crowd loathed Dixie tonight, too, which was great. She’s done a lot with her character in a short period of time, and while she’s far from the best, she’s definitely not the worst. I’m looking forward to next week!

Au revoir!

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