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Impact Write-Up (October 25th, 2012): Tara Makes Her First Title Defense, as ODB Prepares for Open Fight Night

Hola one and all, and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. It’s Championship Thursday, and thus Brooke Tessmacher is cashing in her rematch against the woman who beat her for the gold in Tara. Which Knockout will come out on top? And just what does ODB‘s victory over Tara last week do for her standing? Well let’s find out!

Following a pretty sick video package that mixes dubstep with some awesome slow-mo shots of the action involved during Tara and Brooke’s match at Bound for Glory, we head backstage as Brooke claims that every minute she’s had to wait for this rematch has felt like an eternity. Nevertheless, she took pleasure in watching Jessie get manhandled by ODB last week! What matters to Brooke though, is that she brings home the title once again and sends both Tara and Jessie packing to the D-List!

Backstage, Tara and Jessie are shown confronting Brooke Hogan. Tara wants to know what Brooke’s going to do to fix this ODB situation as if she’s TNA’s version of Olivia Pope, but Brooke demands to know why she’s worrying so much about ODB after she lost to her last week. Tara is shocked that Brooke would choose to word that in the way she did, because ODB had her hands all over Jessie last week which got in Tara’s head. Jessie had to take twelve tomato baths to get the stench off of him, and tries to relate to Brooke that they are both reality stars and people want to touch them in order to have some of their greatness wash off onto fans everywhere. Brooke looks on in disgust, claiming she would never touch him, and then tells Tara to get her head in the game for her match against Tessmacher later tonight. Tara storms off, as Brooke informs Jessie that a little birdy told her that ODB had her eye on him, and wishes him luck with that!

As Tara and Jessie kiss on the ring apron following Brooke’s entrance, that spitfire Tessmacher runs forward with a dropkick and takes the fight to Tara early on as the bell rings. A Tessmacher chant breaks out, while Taryn Terrell keeps her eyes on the action as Brooke kicks Tara in the back and starts pounding her face into the canvas! Jessie sort of walks onto the apron like a lost dog, and then for some reason takes off his undersized t-shirt because I guess he thinks he can attract Brooke and/or Taryn off their game. It does seem to work, as Tara now takes the upper hand and smashes Brooke’s jaw into the ring apron.

Tara now starts to get some revenge on Brooke, but continues to focus on Jessie throughout. A bodyslam sends Tessmacher down, with Tara heading to the ring apron and going for her flip over the ropes legdrop… only Brooke rolls out of the way! Tessmacher fires up with some shots and chops, before nailing a set of clotheslines and a running fist to the face. Tessmacher then backs it up and pops off the Asstastic, before dropping off a faceplant. She goes to run off the ropes, but Tara grabs Taryn to distract her and Jessie holds the ropes open which sends Brooke flying to the outside. Jessie then throws her inside, leading to Tara dropping Brooke with the Widow’s Peak for the victory.

Tara and Jessie celebrate their win with some smooching, as he places the title around her waist and then start going in on one another. Suddenly, like the voice of an angel, the theme of Brooke Hogan hits and out walks our new girl in town who’s coming for Tara. Brooke announces that next week is open fight night, which means anyone can be called out. It turns out that Brooke just got off the phone with ODB, and ODB wants to challenge Jessie to a match! She wishes Jessie good luck and then calls him poo boo we be we woo (which I never thought I’d type in a recap, but that’s the power of the great Brooke Hogan for you).

Thoughts: A fun night tonight for the Knockouts (and Jessie). I’m loving that we’re getting more segments per show instead of just having a match with nothing extra. Tara has been featured so much, with I believe a segment every week for the past few months. It’s nice to see them putting so much focus on her, especially since she’s the champion now because that can only help the title go up in prestige. Her stuff with Brooke Hogan (who I also really enjoy in these segments and who is getting better as the weeks go on that she’s involved), is hilarious each show. I could watch those two go off of one another in skits nonstop and it does nothing short of please me greatly.

The match was kind of those types of matches where I don’t have anything to say really. It wasn’t unbelievably amazing, and it wasn’t bad at all. It was what you would expect with about three to four minutes, and lots of Jessie involvement. I still don’t mind the two of them together and I kind of liked that he actually got involved to help Tara because it reminds me of her infamous duo with Stevie Richards where you’d actually see Stevie toss the Divas around and have matches with them. Granted nothing can ever reach the amount I loved Victoria/Stevie Richards (unless your name is Jamie Noble and Nidia, aka my all time favorite duo in wrestling), but I enjoy Tara and Jessie so far. He basically plays the same person he does on Big Brother, but Tara is really what makes the duo work with her over the top mannerisms like when she skipped down the ramp holding hands. I think that’s the part where Jessie doesn’t work well in because he doesn’t go along with her in the way Stevie Richards probably would have to really make it look like they’re both in their own world. But people only get better with time so maybe Jessie will grow into it and work off of Tara’s actions more.

Overall, I enjoyed the Knockouts, but I still really wish we could see some other girls mixing it up with the ones that are used on a weekly basis for a change.

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