Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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In Video: Beth Phoenix on Eve’s “Betrayal” on Raw, Whether She Attacked Kaitlyn

Following last night’s big reveal (storyline advancement, hurrah!) from injured Diva Kaitlyn that she was attacked by a blonde at Night of Champions, Beth Phoenix, a blonde (duh!), found herself in the firing line. As well as being accused of the attack, she was laid out by Divas Champion — and her tag team partner for the night — Eve Torres.

Following the attack, Beth spoke to about being “betrayed” by Eve on Raw and whether she attacked Kaitlyn. There’s also a cameo from one Miss Alicia Fox, who again seems to be having a heel/face identity crisis.

Check out the segment below:

Who do you think is behind the biggest whodunnit since JR Ewing?

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