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In Video: Eve is Still Creepily Enthusiastic About Kaitlyn vs. Layla

After a blind tag allowed Eve Torres to get credit for the victory in her 6-Diva Tag Team match on Raw, attempted to talk to her teammates, Kaitlyn and Layla, to get their take on the match’s strange ending.

Watch the (attempted) interview below:

Before they could speak their minds, Layla and Kaitlyn were interrupted by Eve, who was anxious to tell them that she was “sharing this victory” with them. She also expressed her belief that their Divas Championship match this Sunday at Night of Champions would be “great”.

Eve told Layla that she could win the match, but backtracked when Kaitlyn seemed insulted, deciding then to tell the challenger that she’s “got it in the bag”. Backing up again, she corrected herself and told the two Divas that “we’re all going to win on Sunday.” Eve then suggested a group hug, but both Kaitlyn and Layla left her hanging.

Though “we’re all going to win” could easily mean that the division as a whole will “win” if Layla and Kaitlyn have a show stopping match, it’s clear that Eve is working harder than ever to wedge herself into the title picture. However, if she’s trying to spark some animosity between the two, it clearly isn’t working.

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